Life Post: Zoomination

lifepost chineselantern

One lazy afternoon, my boyfriend and I were watching tv and a commercial for this exhibit in our area came up. Never heard of it before until that day and our plan to go to the Strawberry Festival (which was… Continue Reading

Rapidlash Update: Week 2

rapidlash week2

Okay, I thought I’ve give you guys a quick update on my RapidLash use. I know I said I wanted to do a weekly update but after seeing the pictures on week 1, there really wasn’t any difference from Week… Continue Reading

My 2015 Goals – Being an “Adult”

time management

I recently just sat down and decided to make a list of what my goals are for this year. I’m really surprised at how different this list is compared to the last few years. I look down on my list… Continue Reading

RapidLash – Get Longer Lashes

how to grow longer lashes-review rapidlash

Hey everyone! There is no question that longer lashes are something that us beauty enthusiast try to achieve. Not all of us were naturally born with amazing full and long set of lashes, so we usually turn to makeup products… Continue Reading

A New Type of Blog Post: Life Series

for vanitys sake blog

Wow. I haven’t blogged since December! I hope all of you are having a wonderful start to this year so far! I can’t believe how fast time has gone by since I started working. One thing I really miss is… Continue Reading

A Billion Dollar Brows


Hey everyone! It’s breaktime! That means I don’t have to worry about any papers and deadlines for a little while. Today’s post is going to be about one of the most important features of our faces… the eyebrows. I got… Continue Reading

Office Chic – Oasap Dress


Heyyyy everyone! It’s the day before Thanksgiving, and I’m sure many of you are excited about this upcoming break. I don’t really have an actual break, but I decided to make time to do something besides work and writing research… Continue Reading

Missing Tropics ft. Quiz Clothing and Sunset45

Quiz clothing

Hello everyone!! Yes, I am still alive. So it turns out that I am still getting the hang of my new schedule. A demanding and stressful career does crazy things to a person. I am hanging tight though, so bare… Continue Reading

Leather Love


Hey hey!! So excited to post another outfit, it has been forever! Today’s post is mostly about my new pair of faux leather shorts from *Oasap! This outfit was definitely inspired by one of Miranda Kerr’s H&M campaign, and ever… Continue Reading

SheaMoisture New SuperFruit Complex 10-in-1 Renewal Hair Care Collection

sheamoisture review

Hey guys!! Whew, long time no see! Ideally, I’d like to do a separate update on where I have been, but to save both of us the hassle, I’ll just do a quick explanation before this post. I just started… Continue Reading


ASOS Swimwear

So, I’m doing something a little different with my giveaway this time. I would love to be more active on my social media accounts and to kick that off, I’m doing a social media giveaway. This is such an amazing… Continue Reading

Why You Should Always Include Sunscreen in Your Daily Beauty Routine!

important sunscreen

Consider this your PSA for the day. I know, I know, another blogger preaching about the importance of sunscreen. We all know about the benefits of using sunscreen, and that is to protect us from the harmful UV rays of… Continue Reading

Polette Sunglasses Review and Giveaway!

polette giveaway

Hi! I’ve got an amazing feature today. I had the chance to review one of *Polette Eyewear’s product, and to also  offer a giveaway! I have a TON of sunglasses because I’m constantly buying them. Some of them break, some… Continue Reading

Born Pretty Accessories

born pretty MIDI RINGS

Oh hey there! Just a quick overdue review of my latest jewelry order from *Born Pretty Jewelry & Accessory. I’ve also featured them here, if you’re interested in reading my previous review. This time, I got a set of stack-able… Continue Reading

Summer Romance


Hey lovelies! How are you? I’m feeling a little romantic today. Summer romance is something that many of us daydream about. I know I used to (a lot), then I met my current SO and now I feel like my… Continue Reading

Phoebe’s Closet + Giveaway!!


Hello! I hope you guys are having an awesome day so far. I just wanted to go ahead and make this post, because I know I’ve been slacking with my blog lately. It’s for a good reason though, I’ll hopefully… Continue Reading

A Nature’s Trail ft. BIOLOGY BOUTIQUE


Hey everyone! So I’m here with a fun little feature of an online store that I first heard of through another blogger who was doing a giveaway at the time. A cute space on the internet that carries trendy women’s… Continue Reading

My Everyday Makeup Tutorial – Bronze Look

Bronze MakeupTutorial

Hey you guys! So I’m going to be doing something a little different today. Every once in a while when I post pictures, I’d get asked what makeup I was wearing. Most of the time, I just do my  go-to… Continue Reading

Dream Eyes Contact Lenses


What’s up guys?! Alright, as you can tell from the title, this post is going to be about cosmetic lenses. I got these samples from *Dream Eyes by SpookyEyes – an online contact lenses store who claims to be FDA… Continue Reading

StarChild Ft. Quiz Dress + Sunset45


StarChild, the name I would’ve given myself if I ever decide to run away and be a hippie. Hippie or not though, I’m still here to show you a fun new maxi dress from *Quiz. This dress just makes me… Continue Reading