16 Goals for 2016

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Hi guys! So it’s that time again. What is New Years without the resolutions? This is a chance to start over for those of us who fell off the wagon with our resolutions last year, and also to set up new ones. We have the whole year ahead of us and we need to take responsibility for how it will turn out. For this post, the writers of FVS share their top 5 goals for the year 2016 plus an extra goal for the FVS blog!

Julie’s Goals

  1. Obtain body goal – I’m sure you will see several renditions of this goal. This is just another way of me saying, “go to the gym” and “eat better.”
  2. Travel more – I have travelled for the first time last year and I’ve been day dreaming of the next time I get to travel again. I’m already making a list of my travel goals for 2016.
  3. Finish BSN – My nursing goal is very important to me and if I keep on my schedule, I should be getting my degree next year.
  4. Save for house down payment – This is one of the biggest goal I have. I moved out for the first time a month ago and  only plan on apartment living for a year with my significant other to see what it’s like before committing to a house.
  5. Blog regularly – Now that things have fallen into place and slowed down a little, I plan on paying more attention to the blog in 2016.

Stef’s Goals

  1. Read more books– I don’t set reading goals, but this year I think I read more tweets than books. I want to finish more non-fiction.
  2. Practice Self-CareWith a bit of an obsessive personality, I can tend to get too caught up in something. I end up putting my needs last which really just ends up hurting me rather than helping.
  3. Adult: Financial– Hopefully by getting enough sleep and getting in better mental states, I can focus on my career and become more financially comfortable!
  4. Adult: Cooking– And by having money, I can use some to practice my culinary skills! I want to learn how to cook Filipino dishes and try vegan meals.
  5. Get Involved– There are a few cafes around town I would love to visit as well as some causes with which I would like to be active.

Megan’s Goals

  1. Be More Organized– I’m a scatter brain. I’m always all over the place. When things are neat and organized I feel so much better. My problem? I’m lazy and I procrastinate. No more.
  2. Eat healthier– I often just grab something to eat for lunch at work. I’m now starting to make healthy lunches at home that I can bring to work.
  3. Read more– I love to read. Honestly, I do. However, with me being such a scatter brain it is often hard to me to sit down and dedicate myself to one thing.
  4. Spend less money– I spend so much money (mainly on skin/hair/makeup products). It’s a bit much and the wait for payday would feel a lot less long if I spent less time splurging.
  5. Practice stress management– Yoga, music, meditation, journaling, reading, deep breathing. These are all things I am trying to incorporate regularly into my life.


The biggest goal for this blog is to be more consistent with producing contents and to grow its readers and followers. 🙂

There you have it. We will see how well we do with our goals next January.
Thank you for reading and Happy New Year!


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