2016 Year End Review + 2017 Goals

New year 2017

First and foremost, Happy New Year to you all and I hope for everyone’s year to be better than the last!

I know that people say it all the time, but it seems like the years go by faster and faster. Maybe that’s just part of growing older and the more things we have to do and worry about, the more it seems like there isn’t enough time to do it all. Some of you may or may not know that I suffered a foot injury that took about 2 months to completely heal. While recovering from that, I also had to have surgery to remove my tonsils. During this recovery process, I really did not have the motivation to blog or do anything for that matter. I was happy that that part is over. I’m thankful to be surrounded by loved ones who kept me sane throughout it all. Last year had it’s many ups and thankfully only a few downs. Those downs tested aspects of my personal life in which I’m grateful for, because I came out of it with new perspective and appreciation for what I have. I have also taken so much of this time to spend it with my loved ones. My dad celebrated his birthday this month and is getting ready to retire with my mom. No one works harder than my dad, and I’m so happy that he gets to finally relax and enjoy the fruits of his labors. They will be moving back to the Philippines next year so this year we celebrated our last holiday together as a whole family. Last year, I, along with two of For Vanity’s Sake’s contributors, also set a few goals for 2016, and I wanted to go over that before listing my goals for this new year.


  1. Obtain body goal – So this didn’t exactly turn out so good. I didn’t gain or lose too much weight but I also can’t say that I’ve improved. I’m planning on switching gyms and hoping to attend more group exercises this year.
  2. Travel more – Last year, I only managed to get one out of the country trip to Central America and the rest of our trips were local but I can say that I’ve definitely tried more new things and gone on some fun adventures (like flying a plane, parasailing, and kayaking down Rainbow River) last year.
  3. Finish BSN – I’m halfway through this degree because I decided to take a break after trying to do both working full time and taking 3 classes. I got burned out pretty quickly and decided to hit pause.
  4. Save for house down payment – I have done a great job saving and I’m happy to say that my house hunting endeavors will start this year.
  5. Blog regularly – How I wish I achieved this goal.


  1. Resume school – Hope to finish my BSN this year.
  2. Travel – I’m excited for this year! We already have plans arranged for St. Augustine and a cruise to either the Bahamas or Belize, and Disney World. We will also be planning our trip to visit my parents in the Philippines and making a stop over to Japan. I get so giddy just thinking about it!
  3. Save up some more – Need to keep adding to my emergency and retirement fund, and finally get a car that I want!
  4. Establish a home – We need to figure out what area we want to buy house in to make a home out of.
  5. Be content with self – this is not a concrete goal, but I’d like to be happy and content with myself.

Stef’s Goals


  1. Read more books– Although I didn’t read more books than I did in 2015, technically I did read more non-fiction. I’m chalking this up as a win!
  2. Practice self-care– This was kind of a loose goal, and I didn’t have regular reason to do it. For the most part, I’m quite proud I stopped sleeping either 3 hours or all day and sometimes exercised, but I need to get back on the ball after my recent flu D:<
  3. Adult: Financial– Ok, this one I’ll say I didn’t do much on.
  4. Adult: Cooking– I learned how to make vegan pumpkin muffins! And that’s about it.
  5. Get Involved– This one I didn’t do too much either. Recent events motivated me for a week, but… driving is such a demotivator.


  1. Socialize– I can honestly take “socializing” or leave it, but recent events have really got me thinking about how to bring people together and strengthen communities.
  2. Expand Hari-harian– I don’t know if you pals know this, but I’ve my own blog! I’ve just had a paid offer accepted and am excited to continue growing my site.
  3. Learn– This year I want to learn about the histories and foundations of political ideologies and philosophies. I’ve already signed up for a Coursera course :]
  4. Minimize– I want to get rid of maybe 90% of my “stuff” and just feel like all that weight will be off of my chest!
  5. Get back outdoors– For a while, I took regular walks at a nearby lake. Maybe my sleeping schedule got messed up, but I feel like being in nature is such a de-stresser, so I want to start going on walks or geocaching again.

Meg’s Goals


  1. Be More Organized– Nope. Just no. I literally did not improve my organization in anyway whatsoever.
  2. Eat healthier– Also a no. I don’t really eat too unhealthy, but I was really hoping to maintain a diet mostly consisting of healthy foods that I had prepared myself. I got so tired by the end of the year I ate out nearly everyday. I did try to make healthy choices while eating out though.
  3. Read More– Well…yes actually! Though to be honest, this was sort of a coincidence. I was arriving to work pretty early and needed something to do while I waited for my shift to start. I started reading and now I’m hooked. I am excited for all of the new books I will read this year!
  4. Spend less money– I did this…once. For about two weeks, I really, really tried to save. I was successful, but it was so hard! Needless to say, I didn’t save nearly as much this year as I had hoped.
  5. Practice stress management– This one is actually a yes! I already mentioned that I am reading more. I also did a bit of yoga. However, the stress management activity I did the most was journaling. I love it and I am so happy I got a new journal for Christmas to begin 2017!


  1. Be more organized – I’m going to give this one another go. Honestly, so far so good!….though we are only a week into the new year. I am regularly writing and checking my planner and I am getting things done early. This could be major for me in 2017!
  2. Spend less money– This one is back on the list, too. I haven’t been spending too much, but honestly, I need to sit down and figure out how I can spend even less.
  3. Cook More– This pretty much goes with my goal of last year of eating healthier. Cooking my own meals would make healthy eating easier and hopefully save me some money.
  4. Try something new regularly– I am keeping an eye out for different things: new cafes, an art class, a fitness class. I want to do things I have never tried before.
  5. Stop Whining– Nobody likes a Negative Nancy. I was a little disappointed in a few things going on in my life in 2016 and I realized I was complaining more than usual. I would like to try and stop that. Or at least greatly reduce it.

I know you guys have your own new years goals set and ready. I wish you the best of luck on achieving all of them this year!


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