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We are well into summer here at For Vanity’s Sake and being in Florida, we are either melting from heat or storms. Some parts have received as much as 20″ of rain; our drought is actually over! Perhaps the unpredictable weather is what has got me daydreaming about the beach. So before some thunder knocks out our power, let me share some of the hottest (lol) 2017 swimsuit trends.

Burnt Orange

Vanessa Hudgens recently sent out an Instagram of her soaking up the sun on a Malibu beach. Her low-cut one-piece was a copper shade that PopSugar called the new rose gold. If a suit with a sheen is difficult to find, a darker orange should look amazing as well.


I saw a little bit of the homey print at the tail end of spring, so it’s nice to see some fashionistas aren’t letting it die out so quickly. The great thing about a color or pattern concept is that you can potentially combine them together or with another swim trend (e.g., the next one!)

Ruffles // Bows

This one might be a little bit of a trick or preference. As much as I want to preach body positivity, I know from experience that we just might not be there yet, and ruffles may emphasize parts with which we aren’t comfortable. Fortunately, I think that ties are a great alternative without the volume a larger feature of ruffles may create.

2017 swimsuit trends
1. Blue Life one piece 2. Kiini crochet top 3. Betsey Johnson halter
4. Nicolita top 5. Forever 21 one piece 6. boohoo swimsuit


I found this trend unexpected! Honestly, I’m can’t say how this might feel. They aren’t totally made of yarn, right? In any case, you won’t have to worry about looking like Granny’s pot holders with the likes of Hailey Baldwin sporting the look.


Is this the LBD of swimwear? Everyone says you need a Little Black Dress, but Who What Wear recently said that black one piece swimsuits are the style that look good on everybody. A good choice if you are trying to cut back on spending or materialism. Or, if you don’t care what the trends are!

What do you think? Do black monokinis make you feel long and lean? Crochet swimsuits don’t get soggy, do they? 😂 Who’s your swim inspo? Let me know what you think about this 2017 swimsuit trends down below.



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