3 Uses For Olive Oil

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In this post, I share my top 3 uses for olive oil! I didn’t even realize how useful it was to me until I found myself asking out loud “Where is my olive oil?!” While frantically searching (and don’t even ask me how I managed to misplace a whole bottle ), I realized it had become a staple product and had many uses for me.

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For my hair  I use olive oil to help seal moisture in my hair, but it also can be used in hair masks, hot oil treatments, and added to conditioners among many other uses. While I rotate oils for my hair, olive oil is definitely my favorite right now.

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For my skin This is actually my top use and was actually the reason I found myself frantically searching for my bottle. I have tried many moisturizers (and will continue to because I love trying skin care products) for my skin, but I always seem to come back to olive oil.  For me, it is the one moisturizer I have found that doesn’t dry out or leave me too shiny.

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For my food Last, but not least perhaps the most obvious use of olive oil for me is on my food. I love adding a bit of it to my meals. You may remember me posting about how I like to drizzle a bit over my salad, but my favorite use for it in terms of food is drizzling some over a breakfast egg scramble! Though I prefer to use olive oil in its raw state (not heated), olive oil is readily used in cooking, specifically sautéing.

I never thought I would see a day when I would think of olive oil as not only a staple in my diet, but also my beauty routine! It’s also a little easier on the gas mileage knowing I’ve only got to stop one place to pick up a product I can use for my skin, hair, and food!

Do you use olive oil regularly? Do you have any other uses for it? Share below!



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  1. I know it’s to only for cooking 🙂 I’ve heard that lots of people use olive oil as a moisturiser for hair and skin, but I’ve never tried it myself.