3 Ways to Wear Your Chooka Rain Boots

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Right now appears to be the season of gloomy skies and rainfalls. Looking up the forecast for the rest of the week is depressing specially if your plans include being outside soaking up some sun. Rainy days are great for staying in and cuddling, but it makes everyday tasks such as grocery shopping or walking the dog a hassle. The worst part, well… besides the terrible traffic from flooding, is getting your shoes wet. Soggy socks are gross and no one wants to go around wearing wet shoes. Thank goodness for rain boots! Rain boots are great for practical reasons, but let’s face it, they are hardly fashionable. Luckily, companies like Chooka, has our backs and provides cute and quality rain boots and other footwear.

Here are some ideas on how to style your Chookaboot rain boots.

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1. Colorful Summer Dress
Beat the gloom and pair up your boots with your brightest summer dress. It’s a nice little pick me up trick.

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2. White Pants
Want your boots to stand out? Wearing them with white pants will surely highlight your cute boots while keeping your feet all nice and dry.

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3. Sweater + Skirt
Cute and comfortable. Try to stop yourself from skipping along in puddles while looking adorable in this ensemble.

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