A Charmed Life

“Charms!” It was my Eureka moment. A homemade charms post would be the perfect activity and a fine way to introduce myself.(I’m Meg!) There was only one problem: I had never made charms before in my life. However, I was determined to find a method of making charms that even I, a complete novice, would be able to do.

First things first, you will need the following:  

bracelet diy

(1.Wood Pieces, 2.Paint, 3.Glue (Elmer’s works just fine), 4.Jump rings, 5.Charms, 6.Scissors (just plain nothing fancy), 7.Paint pen (optional)*, 8.Paint Brush (again, nothing fancy. These will work fine), 9.Pliers, 10.Hole Puncher (I used this one), 11.Chains)

Let’s get started.

bracelet diy-8
1. Start by cutting the wood piece down to a size you like (or leaving it be if the size works for you).

bracelet diy-72. Paint the wood piece the color you want. (I prefer to cut before painting because cutting after painting may mess up the paint)

bracelet diy-113. Punch a hole in the wood piece. You can punch it before you paint, but I found it was difficult to keep paint from getting in the hole. The puncher from the 1/16 in hole punch I used was long enough to punch through the thin wooden piece and wide enough to fit my jump rings. Make sure your pieces are thin enough and jump rings are small enough to fit through the hole of the hole punch you select.

bracelet diy-64. Using two pliers, twists open one of your jump rings and slide it through the hole in the wood piece. Use your pliers to close the jump ring once it is through the hole.

bracelet diy-45. Glue your charm to the wood piece. You can glue this before adding the jump rings, but I find that, depending on the size of your charm, it can be difficult to put the jump ring through once the charm has been glued on.

bracelet diy-36. Put the chain through the jump ring to hang your new charm! If the ends of your chain cannot easily slide through, you can always open the jump ring again and place it around the chain or directly into the holes on your chain if your chain has holes of the appropriate size.

The items I used (the book and the pencils) were from the brand Sparrow Innovations, Inc (miniatures). My second charm uses a camera also from the same brand. It is made the same way with the addition of a second jump ring holding the camera attached to the other jump ring.

These charms both represent things that are special to me: My desire to one day write my own novel and my love for taking pictures.

Are you a charm novice or pro? Will you be trying out your own simple, personalized charms? Let us know!

*Paint pen was used to border the edge of my camera charm wood piece.


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