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Hi there! I’m Julie, lifestyle blogger from Tampa, Florida and the face behind For Vanity’s Sake. I have always wanted to create a space to share my experiences hoping to relate to other women just like me. There is so much in life to discover and experience, and my goal is to share mine through this blog.

I started this blog as a platform for self-expression and sharing my thoughts on anything from fashion, beauty products and life events. Through this blog, I came to find many other bloggers who share the passion and love for the same things that I do. Here at For Vanity’s Sake, you’ll find posts ranging from affordable style, beauty product reviews, entertainment, and various life tips!



Name: Stephanie, Media Content Writer
Location: Bay Area, Florida
More about me:
My zeal is of media and pop culture ranging from Hollywood films and cable TV to history books and comedy podcasts. I enjoy seeking out local hot spots and events, attending music and stand-up shows, and tweeting about them from @DoThisTampa.

Along with Julie, I run the shop and fashion blog 2ndshot Clothing.
I also take care of a cat named Teemo.

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Megan, Wellness Content Writer
Location: Bay Area, Florida
More about me:
Curious, experimental, and perhaps a bit too scatterbrained, Megan is a dedicated pursuer of stress relieving habits and hobbies. Realizing the negative effects stress can have on one’s well-being through personal experience, she began pursuing hobbies that are not only stress-relieving but tons of fun. Her posts cover a wide range of hobbies including recipes, exercises, crafts, and whatever else she can drum up.

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