Why You Should Always Include Sunscreen in Your Daily Beauty Routine!

important sunscreen

Consider this your PSA for the day. I know, I know, another blogger preaching about the importance of sunscreen. We all know about the benefits of using sunscreen, and that is to protect us from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Unless you’re a vampire, chances are you’ve done some damaged to your skin by neglecting to protect it from the sun. I didn’t really care about being diligent with using sunscreen everyday until these past couple of years. I mean, I’m tan and people with darker skin pigmentation have additional protection from the sun and tend to have a lower risk of getting skin cancer, so I had that false sense of security for a very long time. Unless I was at the beach, I used to only rely on my makeup that included SPF. The more I read about sun damage, the more I started to get paranoid. It took awhile for me to incorporate sunblock to my daily routine, but it’s doable and totally worth it in the long run!

Check out this photo of a truck driver who suffered premature aging on one side of his face due to direct sunlight exposure. This makes me think of my arm. I notice that my left arm is darker than the rest of my body, because that’s the part that’s always exposed to direct light when I’m driving.


The World Health Organization has a very simplified explanation of the difference between UVA and UVB, here. If you need more reasons to start being more diligent with your sunscreen use, please watch this amazing video!


How awesome was that? I’m dying to see what my skin looks like in ultraviolet too. Okay let’s move on. I thought that since we’re in this topic, I’d include my personal favorite sunscreens. ๐Ÿ˜€

neutrogena sunscreen sensitive skin

neutrogena sunscreen consistency

1. Neutrogena Sensitive Skin – This is the first sunscreen that I usually wear when I’m going to be at the beach or pool or anytime I’m planning to be outside without makeup. I also use this one my arms and legs. It does leave a little white cast and tends to be a little greasy, but it doesn’t really matter to me when I just wear it alone.

la roche posay sunscreen

la roche posay sunscreen consistency

2. La Roche-Posay – This is my absolute favorite sunblock that I use for my face. It is included in my makeup routine all the time! It goes, moisturizer -> sunblock -> foundation or BB cream -> concealer. Lately though, I just wear it by itself since it is lightly tinted and gives as much coverage as a BB or CC cream. The consistency is really thing and it blends beautifully. It is not greasy (trust me, I have oily-combo skin) and does not leave a white cast. It’s a little pricey but I definitely recommend it.

dermatologica sunscreen

dermatologica sunscreen consistency

3. Dermatologica Skin Recovery – Okay, so I got this from *iFabbo by Dermatologica and technically this is a moisturizer, but it has SPF50. It is still on the try out phase, but so far I love it! It’s got a medium consistency, not as thick as the Neutrogena one, but absorbs really well. I will have a better review in the future, but in the meantime, I’m adding it here since I haven’t got any issue.

What are your thoughts on this?ย  Are you as obsessed with sunscreen as I am? Let me know down below.

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  1. Wow good reminder, I sometimes get caught up in that suntanning craze until I remember how damaging it is to my skin and how I want to remain as wrinkle-free as possible in my later years (and skin cancer-less)! So this summer I used sunscreen quite a bit but sadly in Asia not as much because the UV rays are supposedly less there (and plus it was so hot that I never stayed out in the open sun for very long).

    xx Debbie


  2. I always neglect the sunblock every time i get out of the house even though I know the causes of UV rays. Argh. One of the reasons is also because I couldn’t find a suitable product that feels non-greasy on me! Thanks for sharing! Would like to try La-Roche Posay one!

    Check out my new blog! It’s finally updated!