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Last month Meg adopted a little hamster from a co-worker. With this addition, all For Vanity’s Sake members now have pets! I take care of my brother’s cat, and Julie has a family rabbit and a dog. Personally, having a fuzzy creature is so amazing to me because I couldn’t have one as a child. My dad didn’t want to take care of one. But one day after my brother got a job, he brought home a kitten.

Did you know that having pets can be beneficial to your health? Provided that you’re not allergic or have other factors, there’s science behind the good feelings pets generate. Everyone from WebMD to Animal Planet and Time Magazine praise them, citing reasons like pets lowering the stress hormone cortisol, being a great fitness motivator (and therefore perhaps lowering cholesterol and other health issues), and even opening doors for socializing.

But all of those reasons are just icing on the cake to us. Here’s more about them and why we love our pets.

Stef's cat TeenoName: Teemo
Breed: Domestic Short-Hair
Age: 2 years

Why Stef loves him: I think Teemo is so silly. He rolls over for belly rubs. He’ll play tag. One time I ordered a sample of Rachel Ray dog food for a friend in the mail and left it on a table while I went out. When I came home, the envelope was ripped up, and the bag had teeth marks. He tried to get the dog food.

Meg's hamster HammyName: Hammy
Breed: Syrian
Age: 2 months

Why Meg loves her: Hammy is adorable. She is so small and chubby. She reminds me of my childhood when I got my first pet which was also a hamster. It is so fun to watch her burrow, and she’s so cute when she runs in her wheel. She’s the best roommate you could have.

lion head bunny-102Name: Jack
Breed: Lionhead
Age: 6 years

Why Julie loves him: We weren’t allowed to have pets in the house but my brother showed up one day with this adorable fluff ball and everyone quickly fell in love him. He is very spoiled and is free roaming. He is a great source of entertainment and potty trained himself so that was nice. He’s chewed half of the stuff in the house including an unlimited amount of wires (carelessly left within his reach), but he is too cute to be mad at. 

fvs mans best friend-10Name: Rocky
Breed: Mixed
Age: 11 years

Why Julie loves him: My adopted baby. This is my boyfriend’s childhood pet and I was named stepmom. He is so funny and energetic even though I joke about him being a grandpa. He likes to stare at me when I’m eating and I always give-in and give him food. Unlike my bunny, this guy lets me smoosh his face and cuddle him without complaining. 

Pets can fit in our hands or our arms, have scales or feathers, squeak or bark. If you’re lucky enough to have one, make sure they feel the same way! After all they do for us, if you’re not going to leave them your estate, then you could at least give them that extra treat.


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