Blue For You

BLUEHola!! How’s everyone feeling today?

I’m here with a new post using blue eyeshadow! Blue eyeshadow is one of the big makeup trend for this Spring as seen from the models of the runway by Marc Jacobs.

Here is the quad of the the makeup look.
Untitled designWhole face. It was hot today! Look at my uneven tan! I swear I’m really dark but I had to adjust some color because of shadows from the sun!!


IMG_0241These photos remind me engagement pictures. The iridescent effect give such a romantic glow.

IMG_0254IMG_0255There you go! Are these pictures in your face enough? (haha)

Am I the only one who takes a million shots and only end up with a handful usable pictures? Please, tell me I’m not the only one. -_-

Thank you guys for reading!

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  1. Thinking of blue eyeshadow I always picture Pat Butcher from Eastenders but I love what you’ve done, very simple but very effective. I’m also guilty of 100′s of pictures for only a few good shots.

    1. Hi Laura! I had to google who that was, but I totally get the concern with too much blue shadow! Thank you though and I’m glad to find out there’s so many of us that have the same problems with taking too many pictures.
      Thank you for stopping by!

      1. No, it hasn’t snowed here at all this winter yet it’s still cold, grey, and rainy :/
        And it’s not really spring here yet, either^^
        Weird Germany..

    1. Hi πŸ™‚ Thank you, I do love the contrast.
      For my brows, I actually use Wet n Wild Fergie Cream eyeliner in Cocoa Riche!

      Thank you for stopping by!

    1. Yes! I was worried that was going to happen, like I’m going to a disco or something. This is a lot of makeup and blending a lot helped diffused the pigments more to make it less harsh.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. ahh this is so pretty!! and i agree with the comment above, every time i wore it, it always looked like i went back in time. but now im tempted to whip out the eyeshadows again and try.
    ps i take a million pictures too! and sometimes i can’t even find one i like. sigh. mad props to those fashion models haha, modeling is definitely a skill.

    1. Seriously, there are people that are so photogenic, it’s impossible to take a bad picture of them. Jealous.

      I think you should definitely play with blues! Find a flattering shade or just use it for details like just under the eyes or as an eyeliner. πŸ™‚

  3. girl you know you are so great with pictures from clicking to being photogenic to background!! I love it!! and I am jo smitten by this blue!! it seems so perfect on ur eyes!!! tell me what base did u put to bring out the blue!! its so beautifull!

    1. Thank you! I’m actually finding that out! πŸ™‚ I was feeling bad that I take so many but flipping through them is like ugh! Whats wrong with my face lol

      1. That happens to me too. XD The face, the lighting, the background… There’s always something for me to pick on. XD

  4. OMG you look like a goddess, well, you normally do, but something about this look is so exotic, I just want to frame you and look at you all day

    1. You’re so sweet πŸ˜€ thank you! I do get the word exotic a lot from people ahaha, dont know what to make of it at first but I guess it’s a conplim :p

  5. You’re not the only one! Happens to me all the time beautiful pictures and makeup! How did you make that iridiscent effect, what filter is that?

    1. Hi Rosey/Ivana πŸ˜›
      Good I’m not crazy picture lady! The effect is actually a combination of the camera setting (I adjust the brightness in AV setting) and then really bright sunny outside and I look for a shady area:P
      Hope I explained that well.