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Oh hey there! Just a quick overdue review of my latest jewelry order from *Born Pretty Jewelry & Accessory. I’ve also featured them here, if you’re interested in reading my previous review. This time, I got a set of stack-able rings and a gold chain necklace/bracelet set. If you’re not familiar with Born Pretty Accessories, just go ahead and take a look around their site and you’ll quickly realize that they mainly carry beauty related items. They’re pretty popular for their nail department but is quickly being recognize as a retailer of super affordable accessories and cosmetic items. Best of all, they ship worldwide for free! 🙂

Gold chain necklace/bracelet set ($6.39) Use code JUET10 for 10% off

I’m sure you’ve seen the chunky gold chains everywhere. I love that they’re a quick fix to polish off an outfit, and I have been loving mine ever since I got it. These things are pretty heavy and although you should not be expecting some high end quality piece, I have to say that they pretty much exceeds expectation especially for the price. I’m usually weary of discoloration (that yucky green color that jewelries get) but so far so good. I mean as long as you’re not swimming with them on, they should last a good while.

Here’s me test driving these accessories



Now moving on to the rings! I just think these are so adorable! Born Pretty Accessories do know how to give a great bargain. This 7 piece set is less than 5 dollars. Of course, I have the same concern with discoloration but again, so far they haven’t done that. I love mixing and matching these rings. There are times the fit is kind off wonky, and I thought it fits right with one finger, but as soon as I start using my hands, one or two will fall out. I find that moving them around to see where they fit right and comfortably solves that problem. Obviously right?

born pretty jewelry review

born pretty RING SET

7 pcs midi rings set ($4.30) Use code JUET10 for 10% off

born pretty MIDI RINGS

born pretty MIDI RING SET

Have you ordered from them? How was your experience with Born Pretty? Don’t forget that they ship free worldwide and also you can use the code JUET10 at checkout for an additional 10% off your order. Thank you for reading!


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  1. I just love how pretty and dainty the rings are 🙂

  2. I really like those rings!

  3. Fabulous jewellery! I love the variety of litle rings that you can mix in different ways 🙂

    Lu |

  4. Waw beauty, those accessories are gorgeous !! i love !!

  5. I love those rings!! Also, they’re bring back the ole school chunky chains!! Yay!!

  6. Those rings are so pretty and cute. 😉
    Lovely greets Nessa

  7. Gorgeous jewelry! I adore the bracelet and necklace! T.

  8. I love gold accessories! They are easy to style with <3
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    xx, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  9. Those rings are adorable!! I’ve been looking for new ones since I always lose mine haha. Love these!


  10. Love these rings ! And you look stunning
    All the best
    Cassie Fashion

  11. Beautiful jewelries! 🙂

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  12. I like the look of midi rings, but I always worry about losing one. I have one that I wear and I am always checking to make sure it’s still there. They look so pretty though.