14 Creative Date Ideas

Hey pals! I just finished Aziz Ansari’s book Modern Romance which is all about dating in the modern world with technology like websites and phone apps. One issue he talks about is how unprecedented access to so many people can actually make us think we should have the perfect partner and be quick to end potential relationships.

With so many options now, perhaps small things– like blah first dates– can mean we’re off to the next choice with hopes that they’ll be exciting and we’ll feel a “spark.”

But! Aziz argues, on second dates, you already know each other, may have more of a rapport, and may even already have inside jokes. So whether you’re just meeting or just married, here are 14 creative date ideas to help you snag the next one or restart that spark!


#1 Museum

Is the typical art or history museum not good enough? Groupon can help you find them on ships and trains!

#2 Concert

If you don’t know your mate’s taste yet, maybe your local library or arts theatre has a performer you can both check out.

#3 Cooking Class

Google which restaurants or businesses give lessons. A hotel here is offering “Cupcakes & Cocktails.”

#4 Aquarium

Ok, I love sea life, but if you aren’t as enthusiastic, look up their calendar. They might have speakers or boat outings.

#5 Monster Trucks

An example given by Aziz from a scientist he consulted!

#6 Skating

Roller or ice!

#7 Demonstration

Did you guys meet at a polling place? Go to a protest or phone bank together.

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#8 Theme Park

I’ve no idea if it’s a small town plight not to have theme parks, but you gotta have something like a cheesy Dino-Land, right? Or, perhaps something like botanical gardens.

#9 Fair/Festival

I’m always finding out about cultural celebrations around my city. Google if yours has a Flan Fest!

#10 Parade

We also have a celebration about pirates. I don’t even know. But maybe your city also has some odd traditions.

#11 Geocaching

Make sure your date knows not to dress up if you do this one! Caching can get pretty messy, but it can also be in some beautiful and unique places.

#12 Paintball/Lasertag

In the monster truck vein, this idea is meant to get you up and pumping.

#13 Volunteering

Like music or animals? VolunteerMatch will pair you with what you care about.

#14 Karaoke

Do it at a bar in front of everybody or rent a room at a lounge, belting and acting out pop songs can be a lot of fun.

Another story Aziz shared was someone dressing up in a full bee-keeper’s outfit on a date. Do you have any stories or tips for an interesting date?






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    1. I think museums were another example the author talked about! Maybe not under “exciting” but different from bars and restaurants. Thanks for reading!