DIY Spring Flower Decor

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Now that you’ve been given tips on how to jump start your spring cleaning, it’s time to add some fresh flowers to brighten up and give some life into our living space! I’m first to admit that I love the idea of fresh flowers in the house but tending to their short life span just seem like a tedious task to me. So when my brother brought over some hyacinth bulb to show me how to make these adorable indoor plants and also convince me that they are low maintenance, I had to share this quick and easy DIY flower decor to all you lovely readers out there.

DIY Instructions

You will need: a vase, assorted pebbles, hyacinth bulb, and a twine or ribbon. All of these items are available at any hardware or craft store. Each item cost $5 and under.
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Step 1

Remove your Hyacinth bulb from the pot and rinse. Be careful when removing the plant, try to keep the bulb and roots as intact as possible.
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Step 2

Fill medium size vase with pebbles halfway through or depending on the size of your plant. You want to make sure that the bulb sits high enough on the vase without the vase obstructing the leaves.
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Step 3

Place hyacinth bulb on top of pebbles. Center the plant properly so it’s not leaning towards one side.DIY Spring Flower-5

Step 4

Fill the rest of the vase with pebbles, carefully placing them around the bulb. Then add water to the vase just enough to cover the roots below the bulb.
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Step 5

Time to twine! You can use whatever decorative ribbons you like depending on what would match with your interior design. Or you can totally leave this step out if you like the way it looks without it, or if your vase is already decorative.
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So in 5 easy steps, you’ve made this awesome spring flower decor that would also make an awesome gift to a loved one!

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  1. Oh wow, those are gorgeous! How long do they last, do you know? I have a total brown thumb so I’ll probably figure out how to kill them pretty quickly without even trying. 😛 Thank you so much for the awesome idea!