My Experience with Makari 24K Gold SkinCare


Fellow hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone sufferer, first I would like to give you a hug because I know how you feel. Trying one promising product after the other, only to end up with the same problematic skin as before. When Makari Or Rose 24K Gold Skincare contacted me about trying out their product which claims to “lighten dark spots, brighten skin tone, treat, and enhance diverse skin tones,” I was of course pretty excited. My neurotic habit of picking on blemishes and those annoying ingrown has left me with pretty bad hyperpigmentation. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try it.

So the collection contains:

  • Rose 24k Gold Body Lotion – $68.95
  • Rose 24k Serum – $84.57
  • Rose 24k Gold Night Treatment – $59.75
  • Rose 24k Gold Soap – $27.62


As you can see from the pictures, the packaging is pretty elegant. Everything looks good and I have been trying the products for a few weeks and I think that is enough time to provide you guys with an honest review.


Makari Rose 24k Gold Body Lotion

This lotion smells really good! It contains probiotics to “help strengthen the skin’s barrier”  and also has ingredients to gradually even out and brighten skin tone. I loved using this lotion since it goes on so smooth and absorbs fairly quickly. Now for it’s claims, I have not seen any significant changes as far as evening out out and brightening the skin tone. My skin is noticeably softer but that is all the difference I can tell so far.


Makari Rose 25K Serum

So I have been using this along with the night treatment. This serum claims to slow down collagen depletion, reduce wrinkles and blemishes through gold particles. I am pretty diligent with removing my makeup at night and I pushed aside my regular night time routine to try this new routine out. I am quite disappointed with the results to be honest. My skin is definitely not blemish free. If any, I noticed an increase in pimples after using the combination the night cream and this serum. It’s unfortunate that my skin did not react well to this product.


Makari Rose 24k Gold Soap

So I use this soap as part of my double cleansing routine when removing makeup. I first use an oil base product then a wet wipe to remove the makeup. Then I wash the excess oil with this soap. I usually use Cetaphil cleansing wash. This soap smells good and does leave my skin feeling clean. Although to be honest, my Cetaphil face wash did too.


So overall, after using this collection for, what I feel like, a good amount of time, I can say that I was pretty let down by the results or lack thereof. It might just be that it wasn’t a great match for my skin, and that is disappointing since I had high hopes before starting this new regimen but I think I will be going back to my old routine.

So that is my review of this Makari 24K Gold Skin Care. What is your favorite skin care regimen? Let me know down below.


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  1. The packaging looks absolutely stunning! Thank you for your honest review. I had a 24K gold face mask treatment at a salon and the results were amazing! So I love to get the treatment done every few months.
    And my favorite skin care regimen is OCosmedics- It’s brilliant stuff!

  2. Ever since I had my second baby, I’ve suffered from an uneven skin tone. I guess I should give these products a try, because I’m open to anything at this point! My go-to Lush products just aren’t cutting it anymore. 🙁

  3. thanks for sharing the packaging looks so good, gold facials gold masks have always amused me, i need to try this one for sure. cheers to healthy skin in summers . my skincare routine just got gold!