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You walk into a store and you spot that new sparkly jewel and say to yourself, “Nah, I have enough. I don’t need anymore.” You keep walking but that little voice inside your head won’t shut up. “That will go so cute with that top I have” or “I’ve been looking for something to go with that dress I just bought.” You give in and purchase it. “I’ll get so much use out of this, I swear.” You say as you convince yourself. You’re happy once you wear it and get all the lovely compliments from friends, families and even strangers. You bask in the good feels then it’s time you tuck your little precious along with your ever growing collection…only to never be worn again.

I swear I didn’t just narrate your life. I actually narrated my own life. It’s just that this is a pretty common problem, like we know we have a problem and we acknowledge it but just aren’t strong enough to overcome it. Luckily, someone out there realizes that this is a problem and have come up with a solution. Yes, that someone is the lovely folks at *Rocksbox.

A little about Rocksbox: You pay $19.99/month. You get high end jewelry set that are curated by your very own stylist. You get 3 items, some chosen from your wishlist. Then you enjoy it for as long as you want and send it back using a free shipping label to get your next set! If you happen to fall in love with an item, no worries, they are all available for purchase with special member discount.

Just check out what I got and decide for yourself.
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Necklace: SLATE Spectrum Necklace $68
Earrings: Kendra Scott Lee Gold Earrings in Iridescent Drusy $65
Bangle: Margaret Elizabeth Teardrop Bangle in Fuchsia $88

If you want to check out what I got last month. You can read it HERE. If you want to go join now and get one free month, you can go ahead and use my code (at the top) HERE.

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    1. It’s really versatile! I’ve worn it twice already with two completely different outfits. I like that it’s a statement piece without really being overpowering.