Get Ready With Me (Kinda) ft. NYX Smokey Palette

I guess here is the “before” photo.
I suddenly remembered to take one after I had done the face (BB cream), tightline, eyebrows and some contour. Getting ready to go see American Hustle with my man. 😛

I used NYX Smokey Palette that I got from the PopSugar box.


After applying eyeshadows.


With hair down 🙂

IMG_0005  IMG_0002In the mirror it looked like I had too much makeup on, but I realized that it’s because it’s more makeup than I’m used to. Also, it’s hard to remember to take decent pictures while actually getting ready so hopefully this will do for now!

Have a super fun evening everyone! Later!

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    1. Honestly, I’m indifferent towards this particular palette. It’s not horrible because it got the job done for me, but I can see why the reviews are not so good. I’m just thinking that those people are just expecting way too much from a $7.00 palette.

      The shadows are a little powdery and can be a little hard to blend well so it’s very easy for it to look cakey. So if you’re looking for a cheap but convenient palette, I say this one is okay.

  1. natural beauty! Hates you…I kid. I do j’dore how you get your smoky eye so natural though. Thanks for following me.

  2. Wow, you are seriously gorgeous! And, I’m talking about even WITHOUT the make up.Love your personality, too! Hope you take a look at my style and inspiration blog: I’m def one of your new subbies! On BOTH blogs haha

    1. Haha, I had some makeup on the “before” picture as I stated. I don’t think you wanna see me completely barefaced 😛

      You are too sweet and I did check out your blog! I’m following 🙂
      You have such a fun and amazing syle. I love it!