Guatemala Trip – Mayan Ruins of Tikal

Besides meeting Rog’s parents, visiting the remains of the ancient Mayan temples in Tikal was one of the highlights of our trip to Guatemala. I have been dying to see it ever since Rog told me about these temples a few years ago. So to finally get the chance to visit this was a dream come true. Driving to Tikal from where we were staying is about an 8 hour trip so we had to make a stop halfway through to a very touristy city near Rio Dulce. I can honestly say that the long drive is worth every second when I finally saw the ruins in person. If you find yourself planning to go to Tikal, I highly suggest hiring one of their tour guide. They have several guides that speak different languages. You can find out more about the history of Tikal National Park HERE.


We left the hotel pretty early so we had to look for a spot to eat breakfast on the way to Tikal. We had the traditional Guatemalan breakfast with their staple tortillas. Across the street, we also saw a cute little puppy which reminded us so much of our own little baby that we left at home.


With bellies full and satisfied, we were back on the road to the ruins. Before getting to our destination, Rog’s parents mentioned a beautiful lake, called Lago Peten Itza, that we could visit on the way there. A few hours later, we found ourselves enjoying this beautiful view of the lake.



Then finally, we have arrived! The Tikal National Park is listed as one of UNESCO’s  World Heritage site. These amazing structures can be found situated within the dense forest in the city of Peten. It is quite a hike from one temple to the next so we rode a jeep to the farthest temple. So glad I brought a pair of sandals and changed out of my boots because we also had to climb a few sets of stairs to get to the top of the temple’s viewing area.







It was a little scary up there because there really isn’t anything stopping you from falling off. After this temple, we made our way to the grand plaza where the famous Temple I is located. We didn’t ride the jeep because our guide wanted us to go through the forest. I was really glad that we did, going though the forest, knowing that it was the same path the Maya people took centuries ago, was a very special experience. The walk there felt very serene and then it started sprinkling, so that feeling was magnified.






Have you fulfilled a travel goal lately? Let me know down below! Stay tuned for the next and final post about our Guatemalan trip.


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  1. I loved your post. I can remember going to the ruins on a high school trip and your pictures brought back such great memories!

  2. wow, what a beautiful looking lake, looks more like and ocean. Those temples look interesting, but scary, I surely would not have had the guts to climb up there, good for you! Blessings!

  3. I can understand why you’re excited to visit Tikal. It’s a wonderful place full of history. Glad that the place is everything that you think it would be. Great photos of the ruins and that beach, can’t wait to see it for myself.