Guatemala Trip – Rio Dulce & San Felipe Castle


Hey Guys!

I’m so happy to finally share my trip to Guatemala. I have been with Rog for almost 8 years  and we have been in so many trips together, but this is one of the most special trips we have taken together. This trip means so much to us because he gets to see and spend time with his parents and I finally get to meet them after all these years. Much of the trip was personal so I won’t go into details with that. I will however share some places we visited while in Guatemala.

We arrived in Guatemala City and made about a 40 minute drive to where Roger’s mom lived. I can definitely say that the city central was a little rough for me. The rules of the roads didn’t quite apply there, and perhaps it was the fact that I was exhausted from our travels and had nothing in my stomach for over 8 hours combined with the rough drive had me feeling sick. After getting away from the city, and more into the rural area high up the mountains, where the air is significantly fresher, I instantly felt better. We have received the warmest welcome from his family and there was nothing better than delicious home made food by mom. After recovering from being sick, I was able to fully appreciate how gorgeous that place was. We stayed in a gated community surrounded by nature. Coming from flatland Florida, the views of the mountains around me was something different and I really loved how nice the weather was!


We decided to take a family trip to the ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal but that was about 8 hours away from where we stayed. So our halfway point is Rio Dulce. We drove around to find a hotel called Mar Marine Yacht Club. The price was just right and they had air conditioner! Rio Dulce is a lot warmer and more humid than Guatemala City so air conditioner was essential for us. After settling in, Rog and I decided to explore the city a bit. We walked around the main strip where tons of street vendors are located and ended up buying dinner for everyone.

We spent the night here after about 4 hours of driving. The next day, we headed to see the castle and we were offered a boat tour of the river on the way to the castle.




Our small boat docked right where the castle is located.








I really enjoyed this quick little stop over at Rio Dulce. Stay tuned for my next post where we explore the ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal! Thanks for reading!



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  1. This was such an amazing travel diary – the sunshine and views, wow! It must have been so exciting to meet his parents after 8 years of being together – so sweet 🙂

  2. I like the photos so much! Guatemala is so beautiful! And I can assume how much this trip means to you. I met my boyfriend’s parents 3 years ago and I can guess how you felt.

  3. This was such a lovely post, so nice to travel with your love! And surely he must be very happy to have seen his family! Rio Dulce seems to be really amazing and I loved the views and the boat! You two look lovely, so in love! I am eager to see the Mayan ruins next!