HASK Coconut Oil Nourishing Hair Care Collection Review

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Coconut oil. It’s known as the holy grail of beauty products, and in my opinion, rightfully so. I’m a HUGE fan of coconut oil products. It is actually because of my mother, who introduced me to hot treating my hair using this oil, that I began obsessing over the other benefits of coconut oil. Hair, skin, nails, you name it…coconut oil’s good for it.

I’ve raved about Hask’s Hair Care Collection before in Argan Oil, and I am so happy to get the chance to try their Monoi Coconut Oil Collection because I’ve used the Argan Oil up a month ago. As you can see, the collection includes a generous size of shampoo and conditioner, a hair oil, and a deep conditioner. Let me tell you how amazing this product smells. It’s like you’re in your own paradise while in your shower room. The fresh smell reminds me of a tropical vacation, which is giving me crazy wanderlust everytime.

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How I use it:
I normally wash my hair every other day unless I really worked up a sweat that day. I first use the shampoo and massage my hair for about a minute or two then wash it off. Then, I use a good amount of conditioner and cover my hair from root to ends, twist it on top of my head, and let it sit for the rest of my shower. I leave it there a minimum of 10 minutes because I find that my thick hair soaks the product up and by the time I’m ready to wash it off, it’s already so soft that I can run my fingers through my hair without difficulty.

As far as the other treatment goes, I normally use the hair oil after using hot tools on my hair, I find that it keeps it shiny and tames the fly aways. The deep conditioner is a once a month use for me. I use it as directed, but I like to wrap my hair in saran wrap and put a warm towel over it.

I’m so happy with how this product performs. The packaging is great, practical, smells amazing, and leaves my hair soft and manageable. You too can try out this collection by purchasing it at the Hask website. You can find more information on their Facebook, Instagram, Twiitter and Pinterest. Make sure to tag them with your pictures!



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