Help Without Wealth

Charity without money

Hi readers, it’s the end of the year which means the holidays for us here at FVS. It’s a time to spend with loved ones and appreciate their presence and not just their presents! As I grow and mature and create my own traditions, I really like the idea of giving back for the season. But as a young person, it can sometimes be hard to justify giving if you’re having a hard time yourself.

So what can you do? I’ll share some new ways technology has created as well as some classics.

Tab for a Cause

If you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, you can install the Tab for a Cause extension. Every time you open a new tab in your browser, it’s default page will display a few ads that raise a little bit a money for Tab’s partner charities. In addition, you also earn “hearts” which are like votes for groups that include Save the Children and Action Against Hunger.

Charity USA & Greater Good

You may have seen or heard of this group’s click to give sites. CharityUSA has set up a whole network of websites to help a variety of causes such as veterans, animals, and the rain forest. People can click a button and similar to Tab for a Cause, you’ll go to page with ads which earns a bit of revenue.

Clean Out Your Closet

This might have to be adjusted depending on where you live, but hopefully you have something similar to Goodwill. They have thrift shops which not only keep billions of pounds of household items (including electronics!) out of landfills, but they also employ and train people with specialized needs like youth, seniors, and people with disabilities and criminal backgrounds.


This is my favorite! Freerice has a assortment of educational games you can play such as learning a new language or even SAT prep. For every question you get right, they donate 10 grains for rice to the United Nation’s World Food Programme. “Rice” up against hunger!


While it can be easy and fun to click and help, it’s important to keep it in perspective. It’s fine to use these methods for fun and as a way of helping on the side so long as they’re treated as such and not a solution to their problems or something to hold over other people’s heads.

It’s the season for giving not gloating!

Do you help out at a food kitchen? Let me hear about any of your holiday traditions!



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