How To Dress Like a Star For Prom (Red Carpet Edition)


Ah, it’s that time again! It is Prom Season 2014! If you are like most girls, prom is that one special night that you look forward to all year long. The excitement starts days or even weeks before the special night. You start to think about your date, how you are going to style your hair, what shoes you would wear and most importantly, what dress you’re going to wear!

Anyway, there will be lots of pictures taken and you will have these memories captured for the rest of your life so you want to make sure you look your best. What if you could look like your favorite movie star strutting down the red carpet? We all know red carpet events are one of the most glamorous events attended by celebrities.

*Victoria’s Dress can help you make that happen! Check this online shop out for some unique prom dresses, long prom dresses, short prom dresses and even some special occasion dresses. I wish I had known about this store when I was going to prom. You don’t need to look for “celebrity inspired dress” but instead, you can have the exact same dress as you see them wearing! It was so much fun going through the site and looking at all the beautiful dresses. I’m going to show you my favorite picks from this edition:

One Shoulder Chiffon Red Long Prom Dress

Untitled design(1)I mean c’mon, Sarah Hyland looks amazing in this, can you imagine yourself in this dress?. The color is gorgeous and will sure compliment most skintones!

A-line Straps Chiffon Burgundy Long Prom Dress

A-line Straps Chiffon Burgundy Long Prom DressOkay, this one might just have to be my favorite! How fun would it be to be able to say that you’re wearing the same dress as Aishwarya Rai — coined most beautiful women on the planet. I love the front and back of this dress. The sleek ponytail is just perfect with this look.

Column Sweetheart Chiffon Green

Untitled design(4)This dress will go so great with the blonde bombshells out there, much like British supermodel Lily Donaldson did. How adorable is the sweetheart neckline on this?

A-line V-neck Chiffon Red Long Prom Dress

Untitled design(8)If you want a sure way to stand out, wear a bright red long dress. Pair this this with a glossy red lip just like Selena Gomez did, and don’t be surprise if all eyes are on you that night! Okay, I changed my mind. THIS is my favorite!

I remember going to prom in high school without a date (I wasn’t allowed to date then) but that was the least of my concern, I was more worried about my prom dress. I went with some friends and just enjoyed my time hanging out with them in my pretty blue dress. It feels like forever ago! Here is a page from my scrapbook! πŸ˜€

prompicturesHow was your prom experience? Was it as fun as you had hope it would be or was it a total letdown?

That is it for this post! If you know anyone else, like a friend, a sister, niece, or a neighbor (yes!) that is going to prom, share this post with them!

I hope you guys have a great day. Thank you for reading. πŸ™‚

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  1. Oooh I love Sarah Hyland’s dress! I regret not wearing more color to my prom. Those pictures are now buried somewhere πŸ˜›

  2. I see myself wearing Selena’s stunning red dress! I might copy this design the next time I walk in the aisle as a friend’s bridesmaid. Haha!
    Anyway, you know I’ve written about how my prom went. I didn’t exactly find dressing up for the prom fun and exciting back then! Haha!

  3. I love the dresses you picked!
    We don’t have prom here in Melbourne but we do have formal (close enough) and I wore a light blue dress which I loved!!
    Sarah Hyland’s dress probably is my favourite there or maybe Lily Donaldson’s, oh it’s just so hard to pick!!

  4. ohh I remeber when I was in high school I use to watch lizziee Mcguire and lust about having a prom night!!But unfortunately this does not happens in India… so there was no such thing like prom but yet at heart I still feel I wish to go to one…

    1. Do you have other type of dances or formals instead? There’s this other thing, called sweet 16 here or 18th debut where I was from, where the celebrant can wear really pretty gowns.. do you have something like that?

  5. Selena’s dress is stunning, a love a really good statement red dress. When I was at school here in the UK we didn’t have a prom (although most schools do now!) I had to make do with a disco! I would have loved shopping for the perfect dress, xx

  6. Prom isn’t that big a thing here, it’s mostly an overpriced dinner and lots of photos. =p I didn’t go for my high school prom, but in secondary school (it was an all-girl’s school) I wore this black dress with a cowl neck and a low back, that had a corset thread thing zigzagging through it. Pity it shrank in the wash, and I never wore it again after that.

  7. My favorite of these four might well be Aishwarya’s dress, because it is beautiful, yet it looks like the most wearable of them all as it has a certain simplicity to it.

    We don’t really have a prom in Finland, but for those of us who go to High School, there’s a similar event at the end of the 2nd year – in the sense that everyone will try to look their best. The event has evolved greatly over the course of the past 20 years or so. Originally, everyone would dress up in old fashioned glamorous outfits from like the 19th century and dance dances of that century as well. Not sure where that tradition came from.

    By the time I would’ve had my prom (about 13 years ago – jebus), it had evolved into an event where people would mostly dress in evening gowns and like red carpet-ish styles – yet the funny old dances remained. I skipped my prom for 2 reasons. It was my 1st year in the school I had transferred in and didn’t really know anyone and my boyfriend at the time went to school in a different town. 2nd reason was just that I viewed it as “stupid” and waste of time and nothing but a grooming pageant. πŸ˜› My views sadly haven’t changed…

    I also tend to feel uncomfortable in dresses and fancy things, so proms (and weddings for that matter) aren’t for me – though I do enjoy looking at gorgeous red carpet gowns!

    1. Jenni, omg you crack me up! That event sounds amazing. I love Jane Austen (I think it’s supposed to be 18th century) but I always imagine the characters wearing those giant puffy victorian dresses. I’ve always wanted to try one! I’m so curious as to what the funny old dance looks like.

      At the time, I just viewed the event as a time to be with friends and an excuse to wear a nice long dress and get all dolled up which really, I don’t get to do elsewhere.
      Let’s face it, I won’t be going into any red carpet events or to a ball anytime soon but the closest thing is maybe at my own wedding.Which is also weird because I think weddings are a waste of money… at least the prom was considerably cheaper πŸ˜›

      Anyway, would you have gone if your boyfriend at the time could go?

      Thanks for making me laugh with your comment!

      1. Honestly, I don’t think I would’ve gone, even if I could’ve gone with my boyfriend. It was such a stiff and formal event that I can’t imagine it really having been fun.

        However, I still recall some of the dances, as I did have to practice them (they assumed everyone would just loooooove to take part – and cleverly made the practice mandatory). The dances sometimes wary per school, but mostly there are four categories (which have little to do with each other): 1. Salon dances (really old stuff) – polonaise, cicapo, wengerka, pas d’Espagne, Pompadour and La Chaconne, 2. Classical “couple’s dances”, viennese waltz and tango, 3. American “traditional dances” (wtf) such as Salty Dog Rag, Fireman’s Dance and Virginia Reel, 4. Dances from musicals, such as Lambeth Walk.

        All in all, the dances were funny as heck in most cases, but I could’ve done without all the expenses!

  8. I can’t decide which I love most! Probably Ashwarya’s dress because it’s on her ahahaha, god that woman is so beautiful! …and rich hehe πŸ˜€ I love these dresses, glad you had the post up in time for prom <3

  9. I can’t remember if I have asked before, but what kind of photo app do you use (like your preview red carpet photo w/ the text). I have photoshop, instagram, etc., but I have a hard time putting texts/shapes in my pictures and being satisfied that it looks alright!

  10. I went to one prom in high school, but it was a pretty relaxed process unlike what it seems to be for most folks. My husband and I have talked about having like a prom party at some point-renting an old ass limo to take people around, getting dressed up, and having a fun night with friends! Especially now that I have more of a sense of my style than in high school and have discovered and have more knowledge of makeup, I think I’d REALLY love getting dressed up πŸ™‚