How To Be More Positive

Anyone else doing poorly with their New Year’s Resolution? Well, maybe I should give myself some more credit, after all, a complete lifestyle change isn’t going to happen in a day..or a month..or even a year!

A few key points:

On how to be more positive:

Yesterday’s yoga session included a brief lecture about positivity and seeing the beauty within us. The message was to learn to take a compliment that someone gave to you and focus on that instead of the flaws that we often see when we’re facing the mirror.

I love going to yoga class. First of all, it’s free. Second, it’s always such a positive environment. Third, it helps me with flexibility and my boyfriend, with his chronic back pain. To be honest, I didn’t get yoga at first. But on my last session, I slowly dropped my head closer to my knees during a seated forward fold with less discomfort. I knew I was making progress! Breathing into it is another thing that will take a little getting used to, but when you get it right, it feels amazing. Also our instructor makes you smell pretty with lavender oil during shavasana. Mmmm.

On Eating and Drinking Better

I’m happy to say that it has been almost two weeks since my last coffee! Tea all day errday! This is major for someone like me who lived off of a cup of coffee everyday. Water is almost a constant thing with me also. I drink it much more now. I went from drinking about 500 ml of water a day, at the most, to having ~1500 ml/day today.

Although it’s not all good. I went to a housewarming party this weekend, and when there’s party, there’s booze. Even though I only had a cup and it was diluted with juice, it still didn’t sit right with me. I may have to completely just keep saying no to alcohol! I may have also eaten fast food burgers for two days. Yikes.

On Running

2014-01-03 13I ran about a lap this day but it was too cold for me and breathing in dry freezing air gave me a headache. So yeah. I’m going for a run again tonight. Hopefully that goes much better.

I hope you ladies and gents are getting farther with your resolutions this year! Remember repetition is key. Let’s all do this and accomplish something together! 🙂

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  1. If I may add a few tid bids I have started to juice….& let me jus say between juicing & walking / jogging or do…just something the body (needs) to move & Yoga also works well for flexibility & eating of the right wholesome foods & yes…like U have mentioned WATER…that is 1 key element &…if ? U can perhaps to distill it….or…at least some sort of filtering to it.. that will also help to keep it some-what cleaner To go back to the SUBJECT: of, juicing it is something that not to many people do enough of & every 1, needs all the vitamins & the minerals for the body & so when U start to juice U R truly getting (pure) juice from..what ever U might juice, it can be perhaps ? a apple / celery / carrot. with these 3 items its a HEALTHY all Natural drink that helps the body i might add.. also that when its done on a daily basis what ever u decide to eat…of course a more healthy type of food of course lol anything U eat your body now becomes a furnace that burns away what foods that remains in the body like…sort of a healthy furnace it both works together for the good of the body. & I bring this subject up because it has been slowly helping me out I am feeling better. I still have a ways to go but don’t we all ? lol & also a (big) also: When any time….any 1 decides to….want to lose weight go on some sort of a diet or what so many people do say for: new years Resolutions S.T.O.P. & THINK ? 1 shouldn’t look at it like the old way of thinking of diets…1 should…or have to re-think & say to yourself….this NOW….has to become a ( new LIFE STYLE…A NEW WAY…it will of course be hard to think like that at first (but) it is the TRUTH…S000 cheers as I raise my cup of a NICE Healthy juice of apple / celery / carrot juice C,mon let us all re-think…& press on to a more Healthy U….:) I do really like this blog U wrote…thank U