Last weekend, a major fashion icon celebrated her 60th birthday and prompted a trending hashtag #IMAN60. First discovered in 1975, it didn’t take long for big league fashion companies to notice her. She was featured in Vogue Magazine a year later and has since taken the fashion industry as a muse to several top designers including Yves Saint Laurent and Versace. The rest is history.

Paving the way to show society a new type of beauty, Iman is very vocal when it comes to the appreciation of beauty from all sorts of background. This prompted her to start her own cosmetic company for women of color.

Stunning as ever, Iman proves that age is nothing but a number. She took to instagram to post several pictures of herself along with her own personal empowerment quotes. She’s not the only, friends and fans alike

Below are some of our favorite tagged photos from the supermodel’s hashtag.

#IMAN60 #saynomore

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The Q U E E N with her K I N G ________________________________________circa. 1991 #IMAN60

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Whew, beauty and fierceness overload. Happy Birthday Iman!



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