IPSY October 2013

*I know this is last month’s and it is super late but my ipsy bag for this month is on it’s way so I decided to put this up now on this site. It was previously posted on a different site.*

The Ipsy subscription bag is $10/month and FREE shipping! They come in cute little pouches just like the one pictured below.



Simple and clean bag. These little bags come in handy in so many ways. I think one of the only reasons why I love ipsy is for this extra bag.

img_9729Price: $8.00 (hey! you got over half of your money back)

Another nail polish. This one is the color “Mason.” (click for better color quality) I guess the color is good for fall. I’m not really a fan of Zoya but a full size product is a full size product.


Price: $2.49

I don’t own any Coastal Scents Brush but I love how soft this brush is! My eyelids feel like they’re getting tickled with a feather, in a good way.

IMG_9767This might or might not be a sample size, I’m not sure but there’s a decent amount of products in what I got, that it might as well be. I have to say that this NAVY color is gorgeous. I was going to sell it but decided to keep it because it’s so nice.

img_9773Price: $18.95 (full size)

I hate the feeling of hair spray, hair clay, gel, or whatever in my hair. BUT, this one was a little more manageable than most hair products I’ve tried. You do have to take into consideration that everyone has different hair types. So what works on me might not for you. I think it smells wonderful too, even though, I’ve read some reviews saying it smells weird.

img_9779Price: $9.99

I could always use these wipes! They smell so good but I am also iffy about putting products on my face with tons of fragrance. Either way, they get the job done and they are eco-friendly, if you’re into that kinda stuff.

So let me just say, I’m a little disappointed in my what I got this month. I saw what the rest of the options were and I know I’m not special and I can’t get everything that I want but I seriously would have loved to have tried at least half of what is on this list.



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