It’s Not Too Late to Achieve Your 2017 Goals

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We all started off 2017 with goals, right? We all thought of things we wanted to do to get us closer to the people we want to be, but let’s be honest….how are we doing? If you are anything like me you were really optimistic January 1st, but after that, you start going back to a lot of your old habits that you were so determined to change. But don’t worry! The good news is that there are still FIVE months left in 2017 that you can use to assess your situation and make a few fixes to help yourself get closer to who you want to be.

Since we are guilty, too. We’d thought we’d get the ball rolling and share our ‘five month plan’ to meet our goals!

Meg’s plan:

  1. Be more organized– Overall, I’m doing better with this. I take a planner everywhere I go and I make to do lists often. However, I could stand to organize my home a bit more. I need to get rid of old clothes, papers, and everything else that is just taking up space.
  2. Spend less money– Overall, I’m doing significantly better than I did last year with this goal, but a few things did throw me off course a bit. If I really buckle down, I can save a decent amount of money this year.
  3. Cook More– I have done terrible with this. I’ve been so busy. Or lazy. Or both. I need to try adding more variety and cooking all of my meals. Basically, this means a lot of meal prepping.
  4. Try something new reguarly– Well, I haven’t done too bad with this, but I haven’t been trying as many new things as I would have liked. I think trying at least one new thing each of the remaining five months should give me a decent amount of things to journal about.
  5. Stop Whining– Also, pretty terrible with this. I really need to focus on being more optimistic.

Stef’s Plan

  1. Socialize– I actually did this quite well at the beginning of the year but soon found that I felt like I needed more money to continue. Hopefully, once I’ve more stable discretionary income, I won’t worry about putting too many miles on my car!
  2. Expand Hari-harian I really wish I could say that I gained thousands of followers and collabs (who doesn’t? lol). But I think that I’ve definitely have expanded a little and am definitely learning a lot more about blogging. Does joining Facebook communities count as socializing? 😅
  3. Learn– Oh gosh, as much as I want to take a dozen Courseras, I don’t have the time! But I am reading a bunch. I bought myself books for my birthday, and Julie gave me one too!
  4. Minimize– This is happening slowly but surely.
  5. Get Back Outdoors– I haven’t gone to parks as much as I wanted, but I also can’t go out right now without melting or being eaten by mosquitos. Maybe I should read by the pool…

Julie’s Plan

  1. Resume school – Goal achieved. I restarted my BSN program this year.
  2. Travel – So I have taken small trips here and there, but life has a funny way to throwing curveballs at you. I have gone to Disney World, Washington D.C., and had a little getaway to Anna Maria Island. I also have trips planned for Vegas and Jamaica coming up so it’s not too late to achieve this goal.
  3. Save up some more – Definitely a work in progress. I continue to contribute to my 401k and Roth IRA so that counts as saving right? Anyway, I could probably spend less eating out and finding cheaper activities to do, but it’s hard when you want to do so many things.
  4. Establish a home – I’m paying a mortgage on a home that I love because of the memories, but we definitely plan on moving in to a house better suited for us soon.
  5. Be content with self – Also a work in progress. This year has taken a toll on my mental wellbeing and I have so much work to do in this regard. I plan on keeping it up at the gym and preparing meals at home.


So there you have it. Our five month plan to achieve our 2017 goals. Care to share yours? Comment below!


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