June ’15 Commercial Music

June 2015 Commercial music

Vanity: excessive pride in one’s own appearance

FVS is headed in a new direction! Well, perhaps an alternate route. Julie created this site with perhaps more of a vanity on physical appearance, but there’s all kinds of ways a person can appear. Consider your reputation. What do people think when you do this or like that.

What is pride in oneself if not confidence! This is why the thought behind the blog has expanded from fashion and beauty to celebrating all those little things that others might not get but bring you so much joy, comfort and confidence. Why do you do it? For vanity’s sake!

One of those little things I like to do is keep an eye– or I suppose an ear– out for music. Friends and films make great recommendations, but so do those little things we all skip now because of DVRs: commercials. Here are a few clips and tunes you may recognize as well as some more suggestions from the albums on which they appear.


If you do watch ads, The Free Design’s “Love You” is definitely one of those songs that stand out. When I first heard it, the sound was so timeless, I wasn’t sure if it was a new indie band or was a 1960s folk song. Perhaps you’ll find the answer in the suggested song.

Recommended Track:

Can You Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Street?




If you go into Houndmouth’s From the Hills Below the City with the cozy “Krampus” in mind, be prepared to be surprised. The band’s debut album plays like the lovechild of Johnny Cash and The Lumineers. And Bob Dylan helped.

Recommended Track:

(Note: song and album lyrics refer to drug use)




Can I just say that writing this post has made this Vulfpeck song my favorite? It’s so cute. I jam out every time it comes on now. The fact that it’s named “The Birdwatcher” makes it all the more awesome. We’ll close with a track to try to round out the 1960s/1970s tone present not only here but what in clothing fashion as well.

Recommended Track

:”The Speedwalker

What did you think of this post idea? Let me know if I should keep them coming or find a different way to incorporate music. Thanks!





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  1. As I work in the feed of advertising and marketing, I always enjoy watching a good ad. All of these were absolutely new for me, as they haven’t reached our part of the globe, but I did enjoy the music on them.
    The birdwatcher song is very pretty indeed 🙂