Leather Love


Hey hey!!

So excited to post another outfit, it has been forever! Today’s post is mostly about my new pair of faux leather shorts from *Oasap! This outfit was definitely inspired by one of Miranda Kerr’s H&M campaign, and ever since I saw it, I’ve been on the hunt for a nice pair. I was so happy to find that Oasap carries it and for an amazing prize on top of that.  Since most of the outfit is black, I decided to wear a bright printed shirt  to give some life into this look. Although it’s hard to see, the lining of my jacket is cheetah print which matches perfectly with the cheetah accent on my shoes. My super gorgeous bar necklace came in my September *Sunset45 box. Stay tuned for my next posts to see what I got for Sunset 45 September Little Luxuries Box! 😀


Shorts: Oasap


Necklace: Sunset45

Really loving the faux bob that my brother suggested! I will never in a million years have the courage to cut my hair this short, so it was so interesting to see how it looked like on me without really going through that stressful process. Yes, haircuts are pretty stressful for me. *


There you go! Thank you so much to those who continue to support FVS. I love you all!


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    1. Hehe! I’ve been loving the short hair that I’ve seen this summer, but I just know that I’ll regret it if I ever cut my hair.Thank you v!!

  1. I was just about comment that I loved your new haircut but then I realized that it was a faux cut! Nevertheless, it looks amazing on you (as everything does)! You have the best fashion sense and I am loving these faux leather shorts paired with those sexy heels!

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog <3

    xx Debbie