What It’s Like Parasailing the Pass

With the captain, Capt. Tony. Him and his crew were absolutely amazing. They made the experience so much fun.

Living in Florida allows for some very exciting activities! Last weekend, we decided to try out parasailing. I have been parasailing before but it has been a few years since. I vaguely remember the details of the trip but I do remember that I had tons of fun.

Like always, if I wanted to score a deal, I check Groupon first. And guess what?! They had parasailing in there. I bought the Groupon and called the place to reserve our time. The whole ordeal took about five minutes.

This parasailing place is called Parasailing the Pass and it is located at John’s Pass in St. Petersburg, Fl. John’s Pass is a modern fishing village and is a huge tourist attraction in Pinellas County. Located right at the beach, visitors can have access to the boardwalk, shopping, restaurants, water activities, festivals etc.




The Process:

They ask you to arrive early to fill out some forms. They ask for a $5 gas fee. Next, you board the boat and listen to a brief instruction regarding safety. They then fit you with your life jacket and the sling. You then head out a few miles into the sea and prepare to get attached to a bar with the shoot.  As you can see, it’s two people at a time, so you get to enjoy the boat ride while others are up in the sky. While up in the air, you can try and spot some marine wildlife and you stay up for about 15 minutes until they pull you back to the boat. Tip: You can ask the crew if the can dip you. Meaning they lower you close enough to touch the water before you get back in the boat. After that, you return to dock and you get an option to purchase some pictures that the captain took while you were parasailing.









Floating in the sky is such a calming experience. There’s nothing like and if you ever get the chance to try it out, I highly recommend that you do!

Tell me, have you been parasailing before? How did you like it?



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  1. I’ve seen people parasail but I haven’t actually tried it myself. I would have wanted to the last time I went to the beach with my boyfriend but he accidentally injured his back @@. The parachute looks so cute though! They normally just use the rainbow ones for parasails! 🙂

  2. I’ve never been parasailing but it looks like so much fun! I’ll have to challenge myself to try it one day since I’m a little afraid of heights.

  3. I’ve never tried parasailing before! It’s one of the things on my bucket list that I’ve been meaning to cross off. I think it’s an awesome experience and it would be nice to do it in a place like St. John’s Pass!

  4. It looks like you all had a fantastic and lovely time! I’ve been parasailing once and I was absolutely terrified, but loved the view! Definitely two different sides of the coin! Hope you are able to go on many more adventures soon.

  5. parasailing, new to my hearing , but your post has made it easy knowledge for me to grap the whole thing properly…

  6. I have never been parasailing before! My husband would love to go… but I am terrified of heights so I am not sure he will ever convince me to do it!

  7. Looks fantastic but spmething I probably wouldn’t be brave enough to experience! You’re so lucky to be able to live in sunny Florida 🙂

  8. while this sounds amazing, I am too scared of anything that includes heights and water, (after I almost drowned one time), so I am just going to watch everyone else enjoy this activity – I am glad you had fun, though – blessings!