MAC and H&M Review!

OCTHey everyone!

When I posted my last haul, a lot of you wanted a review on a few of the items. So, here it is. I have a completed look at the end of this post!

I’ll go ahead and start with the MAC products.

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  • MAC Matchmaster Foundation (SPF 15) in 5.0 – Like I said before, this is my first non-drugstore foundation. I expected a lot and I’m so happy to report that this definitely lived up to expectation. The match was perfect and the coverage is medium. It blends beautifully, very lightweight and gives a nice matte finish.

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  • MAC eyeshadow in Charcoal – I  originally got this as a crease color. As you can see, it has a beautiful pigmentation and it was very smooth and because it blended so nice, I decided that I could use it also to a nose contour. It needs to be done with a super light hand though, for obvious reasons.

Moving on the H&M stuff.


  • H&M BB Cream and Foundation Brush – So most of you are as curious as I was about this brush. Some didn’t know that they even carried brushes, but now we all know that they do. 🙂 This is my favorite foundation brush that I’ve used so far. It wasn’t as soft as other brushes but that’s because the brush hairs are so dense. It distributes the products so evenly and it really blends in that foundation well.

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  • Lip Tint by H&M in Tangerine – Love the color of this lip tint! Orange is so in trend right now that I wanted to see if I can get away with it. You can see me below wearing it. The pigmentation is amazing as you can see from the swatch but it is drying. I have dry lips to begin with so make sure to moisturize if you do decide to pick this up.


I looked like I had just awaken from deep slumber before doing this post and didn’t want to do my hair, hence the messy bun 😀

IMG_0029lastAs always, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Have fun and stay safe.Let me know if you have a twitter or instagram below so I can follow you!

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  1. Yes! I didn’t commented for a review on your haul, but it’s like you can read my mind cause when I saw your haul I was like ‘ pls do a review!’ And you did, yay! Loved it

  2. You look beautiful! I love the how the foundation isn’t too matte on your skin and is dewy which makes it look so much more natural. That lip color is perfect for you as well!

    xx, jen

    twitter: jennchristine
    instagram: jen_comfortablychic

    1. Thank you! I will credit the lighting and blush for the dewiness because the foundation was matte by itself 😀

      I am loving the orange though! <3

    1. Haha thanks, I had another person on twitter point the hair bow out! I didn’t even mean for it to look like that but I see it now 🙂

  3. I love the orange lip!<3 I have never used foundation before( gasp!) and am planning to buy my first one from MAC. Did it break you out or get clogged pores? Cos that's the only thing that worries me when I try something new lol! Great post

    1. Hi Thanks 🙂 So far no, it hasn’t really affected my skin so that’s a good sign. I do have oily/combo skin and I’m not that prone to breakouts. Mine are usually hormonal.

      If this is your first foundation, just make sure that you completely take it off at night! That’s one thing I was so bad in doing when I first started.

      Good luck and I hope MAC works out for you!

  4. Julie, you are a doll! You look beautiful in these pics, as always. : ) Thanks for following up about the H&M foundation brush. It’s always good to know about affordable brush options!!

    x, Mary

  5. I really like the orange lip color! I’m always skeptical about orange because I’m afraid it’s going to make my teeth appear more yellow than they actually are. I also think I may finally get my first MAC foundation. They have such great coverage. Thanks for the review!

  6. Beautiful pictures, the foundation looks really good on you. I was going to buy the studio fix foundation but maybe I should try this instead.

    1. You know I was reading about the studio fix and there were a lot of complaints about it being too cakey on.
      The matchmaker is, I think, best for oily/combo skin because it is pretty matte so it will probably cling onto dry patches. I hope this works out for you if you do decide to try it!

  7. I really like the finished look and I’m loving the color of that lip tint! I love the orange lip trend and want to jump on board, but I’m not sure it’d go with my fairly cool coloring! How is the texture of that lip tint? Is it sticky?

    1. Hi Jenni! I know, I thought I was gonna have to try out several brands to get an actual orange match. I got lucky this one worked out. The texture is great because it’s not sticky and it’s buildable so I can go subtle or bright orange if I want.

      1. I think I’ll check out if H&M here does those tints… Maybe I can’t wear orange, but perhaps some other color… like an intense pink… 😉

    1. I’m guessing this was for the St Patrick’s day makeup? 😛
      And yes, I wasn’t sure how green would look with brown eyes since it so popular with hazel eyes but the contrast seems to work//

    1. Thank you! I thought the same thing but the more I looked around for more information, the more I saw that orange is actually universally flattering. But like any products, you have to find the right shade <3

    1. Funny that people kept mentioning that hair 😛 I literally just tried to put it up in a pony tail but instead of pulling it out all the way at the end, I pull it halfway through.

      As for the foundation, when I tried to get color match, I asked for something that works well with oily skin..this is what the associate recommended.