It’s been a little bit over two weeks since I decided to relaunch For Vanity’s Sake with 2 new contributors. I would like to take this chance to do a proper introduction of the ladies behind this blog. Megan, Stephanie, and I have been friends since we were in high school and I’m so glad to have them in the FVS team. Meg will be sharing DIY and wellness posts while Stef will be providing us with posts on Media and Events. I will continue to share posts on beauty, fashion and stuff about my life. Since you will be seeing more of them here, I though we’d share 10 interesting facts about the bloggers of FVS!

While we’re at it, we decided to dig around hoping to find some photographs from our earlier times together and share it with you guys.


Julie – If you have been visiting my site for awhile, I started this blog originally as a place to share my outfits of the day, make-up looks and journey through life. My blog continues to evolve, much like us, as we grow and experience new things. I’m very excited to share these 10 facts about me!

  1. My zodiac sign is Cancer. I’m very emotional and love being a homebody.
  2. I once told my friends that I was named after my birthday (July-Jul, 3-sounds like eee, July-Julie) so they wouldn’t forget.
  3. I believe in soulmates.
  4. But I don’t believe in marriage.
  5. We have a family pet bunny named Jack. He is a lionhead.
  6. I have a personal diary that I write in frequently.
  7. I HATE body hair. Like, I wish I could be bald from the neck down. I’m constantly finding ways to get rid of body hair. It’s the worst.
  8. Disney World is 1.5 hours from where I live but I’ve never been. I want to go really bad. (Well, I just found out I’m going to Universal Studios next month. Yay!)
  9. I was very anti Apple products until I got an iPhone. I love it.
  10. For my next trip, I want to go to Central or South America. (Any suggestions?)

Stephanie – I had already been writing about fashion trends on 2ndshot when Julie suggested that me and Meg join FVS. I look forward to helping expand the blog both in content and reaching out to our readers!

  1. I’m mixed race (Asian and white). Like Julie, I’m Filipino!
  2. I’m the only FVS member who was born in the United States.
  3. My favorite musician is Trent Reznor. It’s been so cool being able to grow up with his work from a teen rocking to Nine Inch Nails to seeing him win Oscars for film scores.
  4. I want to learn how to “code.”
  5. For about 2 years of college, I drove 5 cars. Mine would keep breaking so I’d have to borrow other people’s.
  6. Social/political beliefs are very important to me.
  7. I’d like to think I’ve horizontal knowledge, interested in a little bit of everything. My day isn’t complete without Jeopardy!
  8. This year I will have seen Pete Holmes, Tig Notaro, and Bo Burnham live.
  9. I’m a little bit of a perfectionist.
  10. My favorite books follow: Like the Red PandaGiovanni’s Room, and The Todd Glass Situation.

Megan – In my opinion, I’m quite boring, but I hope you find these ten facts somewhat interesting!

  1. I love languages I’ve studied Spanish, Swahili, and American Sign Language, but I speak only English fluently   🙁
  2. I LOVE Harry Potter.
  3. I love writing and I hope to write my own novel one day.
  4. I’m OCD when it comes to germs. I always have a bottle of hand sanitizer…or two bottles :/
  5. Everyone is a blurry blob if I am not wearing my glasses.
  6. I love spicy food.
  7. I am the least “tech savvy” of the FVS members. I never truly know what’s going on.
  8. I don’t watch many movies (outside of the Harry Potter series), but I love the movie Inception.
  9. I LOVE shopping (online especially!)
  10. I am a fantastic dancer….in my head. And in my head only.

That is it for this post. It’s always fun finding old photographs with your friends. I surely had a few laughs seeing these pictures. I hope you guys have a wonderful week! See you next time!


Day dreamer. Lover of all things cute and pretty. I also have a thing with planners/organizers.

  1. Good luck with your blog relaunch! The addition of two new bloggers will give you time to focus on other more pressing matters. Blogging is hard work and collaborating with others is a great idea…