Fashion in Form: MEG MYERS

Meg Myers Credit: Catie Laffoon

In my last music post, I tried to tie current commercial music in with summer’s 1960’s fashion trends. I think it would be cool to see if popular styles aren’t just influencing clothing but other mediums like music and movies. This is what I’m going to be doing in the Fashion in Form series.

Regular readers of FVS may have noticed recent edgy runway looks that might fall under labels such as punk, Victorian, or goth. Meg Myers might not sound like a Game of Thrones jester, but her blunt lyrics and incredible wail are a great embodiment of letting go of your inhibitions without being afraid of being angry.

The first Meg Myers song I heard was “Desire” which actually reminds me of Nine Inch Nails’s “Closer” with its steady bass and carnal lyrics that are more desperate than sexy. Stereogum also says the guitar solo is also performed by Steve Stevens, known for his work with Billy Idol. What’s more punk?



Perhaps the track to recommend to see if someone can be a Meg fan is “Heart Heart Head.” While both “Desire” and “Head” have an eeriness, the latter evokes a much sadder feeling of a relationship end. The waver in her voice also reminds me of Alanis Morissette.

Myers’s first full-length album, Sorry, comes out today with a self-titled track (that I tweeted about being stuck in my head). But I’m always for trying to find a song in genres or by artists that I don’t usually like. So if I haven’t won you over, maybe try “Lemon Eyes.” More pop than “Sorry,” a few YouTube commenters even compared it to Marina & the Diamonds.


Did I get anything stuck in your head? Who are some musicians you listen to when you want to punch stuff? Comment below or tweet me their handles!




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