Morning Stroll – Off the Shoulder

This summer has been extra hot and humid where I live, and even though it’s hard to get comfortable sometimes, finding the right outfit can make a ton of difference! Off the shoulder is one of this season’s top trend that I have been obsessed with. This flowy off the shoulder top is breathable and light, just what I need if I’m going to be caught in this heatwave.  I decided to pair it with a white embroidered shorts to maximize the breeziness of the overall outfit.

shein off the shoulder

shein_off the shoulder blouse

off the shoulder top shein

flowy shein top

flowy off the shoulder shein blouse


I didn’t think I would love the oversized look of this blouse, but I found it to be very comfortable and the little pompom details on the bell sleeves are just adorable! So tell me, what are your thoughts on this summer trend?

Outfit Details:

Top: c/o SheIn// Bottom: H&M // Boots: (similar)//Earrings: Sunset45


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  1. Love Love Love! your boots. They’re fab! I agree, it makes a huge difference how you dress when the weather is hot and clammy. Cotton and natural fibres are always a good choice as are different trends like your off the shoulder trend, perfect for hot weather.

  2. Lovely post. I love those off shoulder tops, but they all look like I’m wearing a sack on me, so I don’t exactly wear them…
    However they fit you perfectly, or maybe you just know how to wear them.

  3. Do you find it hard to keep the shirt staying off the shoulder or does it move around a lot. I always have issues keeping outfits like this in place

  4. Embroidered cotton clothes are so comfy and pretty and lovely to wear especially when the weather is getting really hot. I like that pale blue colour you’re wearing 🙂

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