2015 Wrap Up

2015 Blog Wrap upI just went through my 2015 goals from last year and I can’t believe how much I actually got done. Last year was a great year in terms of achieving the goals that I set up for myself at the beginning of that year. Having a goal list really motivated me to keep pushing and made me work harder to cross some items off my list. So here is my 2015 goals and a little description of whether or not I achieved them.

  • Get finances in check
    This could be different for other people but for me, it meant paying down my credit card debt, have a steady income, have an emergency fund, and save up enough to move out by the end of the year. I couldn’t have achieved this goal without self-discipline. I was able to pay off almost 10k worth of credit card debt without accruing more credit card debt. I made smarter decisions when it came to impulse buying and reckless shopping. I made it a point to put more than 50% of my paycheck in savings (which made possible by being home and not paying rent). Of course, the most important part is having a full time job that provided me with a steady income. I was out of work for about a month but that was because I left my job for a better opportunity. Now, I am at a job that pays more and will give me better job prospects in the future.
  • Go on vacation
    Because of achieving goal #1. I was able to save enough to fund my trip to Europe. This was my first vacation ever and it was worth every penny I spent. I spent about $2500 for a trip to Milan, Paris, Geneva and Amsterdam and that is including air fare, hotels, and activities. I’m continuing to set aside a vacation fund for more trips this year.
  • Be halfway done with BSN
    Having to do school work and write papers every week on top of everything else is exhausting and I admit that I struggled a bit getting everything done, but I managed and I’m still keeping on with my classes. I should still receive my degree this year if all goes according to plan.
  • Buy a house
    Well, I was the first to admit that this was a little bit too ambitious of a goal for someone who is just starting to get herself together. After doing more research, we found that it is in our best interest to hold off on this goal and concentrate on saving for a good amount of down payment. I was able to move out to our first apartment though. That was a good enough alternative for me.
  • Grow 2ndShot Clothing
    Although I was unable to achieve this goal, my friend Stef did an awesome job keeping up with it last year.
  • Learn to manage time better
    I think for the most part, I have done much better with this goal. I’m trying to find a balance between working for others and taking care of my own needs. I have learned to prioritize spending my time on things that need my attention the most: responsibilities, relationships and reinvigorating myself.

  So overall, I was pretty content with how last year turned out. How was your year end review?



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