My Fall Wishlist

The -ber months are upon us! It recently dawned on me that this year has only 3 months and some weeks left before it’s over. Yeah, think about that for a second. And here I thought last year went by too fast. The fall season is a favorite among fashion and style enthusiasts because it means that Fashion Week is here to bring us the latest trends in high fashion.

Although fall in Florida is basically summer with a slight drop in temperature, it still gives me an excuse to change up my wardrobe and gear towards a more season appropriate attire. Fall to me means toning down the bright summery colors and exchanging it for more neutral tones. It’s still warm enough for some skin to show but also cool enough to pull a layered outfit. With that said, I compiled a list of some of the items I’m looking to add to my closet for fall.  Here is my fall wishlist.

Images courtesy of WithChic.

1. Plaid – are you even surprised? Fall is plaid season. I specifically want to get a plaid dress to dress up with a bold belt and some high boots. The dress and boots combination is something that I definitely will wear a lot this season.
1608253288Images courtesy of WithChic.

2. Waist Dress Coat –  Just how cute is this thing? I’m particularly in love the sleeve detail. This is a dress made to look like a coat without being too heavy. Perfect for fall!

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3. Grey Suit Inspired –  A monochromatic ensemble for fall? Why not. The grey trend is huge this season and a feminized and casualized version of a grey business attire is something I can get on board with.
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4. High Waist Khaki Skirt –  So I might already own something similar to this. I just really love the slit and zipper detail on the front of this high waisted skirt. High waist is still in for the season guys!
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5. Off The Shoulder – I’m all over this style. I love the coy yet sexy vibe of off the shoulder tops. It’s a great way to show off a tan without revealing so much as you did over the summer.

Do you fancy any of the style mentioned above? What’s your favorite fall staple? Let me know down below!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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  1. I like all the looks you suggested, but I can’t wear the high waist thing. I’m just too short and I feel silly in that. It looks great on others though!