October 2016 Goals

It’s fall! This season makes me super excited for so many reasons. Holiday season being around the corner, the weather is getting nicer, and of course, fall fashion. Getting into October, I wanted to start setting out monthly goals. I love listing out goals because it keeps me motivated, focused and gives me something to look forward to.

I have listed my personal yearly goal for this year but having short term goals seems like a great way to make the long term goals feel less overwhelming.

 October 2016 Goals

  1. Post at least twice a week – I’ve been doing good so far this month. I feel like I have lost some blogging mojo in the last few months.
  2. Get Pre-approved for home loan – One of my goals for this year is to save up for a down payment. Working overtime has enabled me to save a good amount of money and I feel like I am ready for a home. My lease will end soon and this is something that is on top of my to-do list.
  3. Get a realtor – I’m excited to start looking at houses and I know it will be a long and tedious process, I’m ready to get going.
  4. Go to the gym/workout at least twice a week – so I must confess, I’ve become one of those who refuse to quit their gym membership even though it’s not being used. I keep promising myself that I will go back so I don’t feel like I’m wasting money.
  5. Drink at least 1L of water a day– I’m sure you’ve heard of the 8 glasses of water a day. It’s good guideline but water intake also should depend on your personal needs. I know that I definitely should drink more water. I realized that there would be days where I don’t drink water at all. I was really into juices, teas, coffee etc.
  6. Eat at a restaurant that I’ve never eaten before – The area that I live in has some amazing restaurants and I realize that I tend to limit myself by ordering or going to the same place over and over.
  7. Go to Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream or Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights  – it’s gonna be a great time!

I feel like these goals are simple enough that with discipline, they are completely doable. Let me know what your goals for October!



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  1. Love the home loan point and I truly wish you that it happens for you!! This is very important I wish I had my own place, as I have a baby on the way and we live with my parents at the moment, good thing si that baby will have her own room as theres a sspare bedroom here. And yes girl I’m with u on the work out, as soon as I pop my baby girl out I be back on this jogging and daily7 hour work outs. Love this post. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Happy New Year to you and your family!! Dominica from http://www.its-dominica.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Water is always amazing! I drink a lot of water, so your goal is great! Did you maage to accomplish it? I hope so! I wish you a great new year, may you reach all your goals and what you want! Happy 2017!