[OOTD] Pastel & Neon

a text blockHello guys!

I’m so so so ready for some warm beach weather! I actually wanted to go to the pool today but it was a little chilly. Well instead, I decided to do an OOTD post. I bought this cute pastel pants last year and luckily, it’s still on trend this Spring!

Pants by Mossimo

greenbeltoutfitI decided on a neon belt to add another pop of color since I partnered it with a nude shirt with some faux leather details!


Extensions by Satin Strands Premium

I used my extensions from last winter because I wanted some extra long waves today. Why can’t my hair just look like this everyday when I wake up?

Shoes by Carlos Santana

springoutfitSome gold accessories to pull everything together!

And one last look..

pastelpantspringThere you go! Have you guys jumped into the pastel bandwagon? I’m completely loving it. Thank you for reading!

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        1. Your electric bill must be crazy. I like to have the heat on when it gets below 60F..

          Also, no I don’t! If I can’t find anyone to bug to take my pictures, I usually take them myself.

          1. Haha, well, the professor doesn’t do that. If it’s in the 30’s or 40’s then the heat comes on. Now the AC…I need that if it gets above 80F!

            They come out really well. I’m sure taking a pic by one’s self would be very hard.

  1. This has to be one of my favourite outfits ever! It is just so gorgeous! The colours, the style, the elegance! Perfect!


  2. Why are you so gorgeous?! And why do you look so good in pastels?! Argh, I can’t jump on board the pastel trend, they wash me out completely… I love pastel outfits on OTHERS, but can’t imagine them on myself. PS. Not to sound even creepier, but you have amazing hair too.
    I’m going to go cry in a corner now.

    1. Don’t cry *hugs* You’re beautiful too, what are you even talking about. Those eyes <3<3 You would never say that again once you see me first thing in the morning looking like a troll haha!

      Anyway, It's true that pastel can wash super light skin out but if you pair it the right colors and with your new darker hair, you can definitely pull it off!

  3. so beautiful.. love the combination of colors here…you are very stylish!!!
    Jules, how do you do those waves in your hair? do you have a post on your blog about it? I’d love to know… I’m trying to grow my hair a bit longer now (it’s not as gorgeous as yours) and I want to experiment a bit… love the waves, how can I do those? thanks ♥

    1. Thank you Alexandra! I don’t have a post on it yet, but I probably should do one soon. But basically, I used a 32mm barrel curling wand and curl in sections in the same direction. Then just run my fingers through and a little bit of hairspray.

      1. thank you, Jules!!! I hope you do a post on hair care and hair style, it will be very interesting to read and will be looking forward to it 🙂

  4. I wouldn’t have guessed you have extensions on, they blend in so well and the colour is a perfect match! You look perfect, fresh and cute 😀 your waves ahhhh I love them <3

    1. Thanks! I haven’t worn them in awhile. I can’t wait for my hair to just grow this long so I don’t have to freaking use it haha