[OOTD] Pattern For Days

a text blockHey guys!

How I’ve missed you all! Here I am with an outfit for today while running errands! You know I could’ve gone with sweatpants and a t-shirt but where’s the fun in that?! If you look fab, you feel fab. Yeah, feel free to quote me on that.

So instead, I decided that I wanted to play with colors and tons of interesting geometrical patterns for today’s look.

IMG_0017The blue chevron skirt is actually a tube dress! I just didn’t want to look like I was going to a club so this is a perfect way to dress it down! I love the contrasting texture and shapes as details on this shirt as well.

IMG_0010rr IMG_0013I also wanted to show off these adorable accessories! I am just a sucker for all things pretty and cute. Everyone needs a statement necklace in their wardrobe. It just adds so much to an outfit!

IMG_0015Gold strappy wedges! Okay, so I didn’t wear heels today because as much as I wanted to, I’m not trying to get anymore blisters and these wedges are perfect because they are so comfortable to wear!

IMG_0036Et voilà! My outfit post for today. What did you guys think?

It was extremely sunny and warm today and I know there are still tons of you who are suffering with nasty weather. So I hope this post reminded you of all the spring/summery feeling that you will soon get (hopefully).

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  1. love the chevron dress, it’s nice when something can be styled in a different way. I like your lighter blog layout as well.

    1. Thanks!
      I actually just use any image editing program. Like GIMP. You can also use the Paint software or you can google any photo editing program online and almost all of them have the text option where you can add any text you want on any picture.

    1. Thanks 🙂
      I still refuse to wear those overly tall heels, I just know I will eventually break my ankles. So yes, wedges are a nice alternative.

  2. Love this outfit! I wish I could wear skirts like this, but I don’t have pretty legs, hahaha. The shoes are fabulous, damn! Anyways, I like your blog so far, keep rocking!

    1. ..but you’re so gorgeous! It’s hard to imagine that you don’t think your legs are pretty. But I kinda get it, I felt the same way for the longest time! I didn’t start showing my legs until I was about 22.

      Thank you so much for stopping by! 🙂

  3. Lovely outfit including all the details! <3
    Now I want comfy shoes for summer with a little bit of a heel/wedge, too The ones I have caused me blisters..

    1. Like I said with another commenter above, I think wedges are a great alternative! I just love the look that the heels give my legs but yeah, they are not the most comfortable with long wear.

    1. Thanks! I have to at least look decent when I step out of the house. I think if I’m actually dressed up, I’m more willing to do work outside the house instead of staying in.

  4. Hello my lovely lady <3 it's almost weekend 😀 I love your wedges and giiiiirl can you rock a mini skirt! You look amazing in them and I am sure heads are turning wherever you walk!

    1. Haha thanks my love. <3
      As Fergie says, "You can look but you can't touch it,
      If you touch it I'ma start some drama,
      You don't want no drama,
      No, no drama, no, no, no, no drama"


  5. These photos are gorgeous! You look amazing! Love the combination of color and accessories here! The photography is really well done as well 🙂 Love the cropping!