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Took a mini-hiatus from blogging so I apologize for the lack of posts! But have no fear, Jules is back here. πŸ˜› So without further ado, I present to you my outfit for the day (should I should say night)! It isΒ  a cut-out jumpsuit from *Sensation of Night. I came across the website and browsed for hours! If you check it out, you will see that they are all about celebrating sexiness! From sexy dresses, to lingerie, sexy costumes etc, it’s all there!


I have been meaning to try on jumpsuits, and I went all out with my first one! This jumpsuit is perfect for a fun night out! The material is soft, stretchy and comfortable. You just have to be careful because the top part tend to hike up once in awhile. They have plenty of other choices but I was feeling adventurous and picked this one because of the cool cutouts. Since they also carry some sexy bikinis, I went ahead and picked the cutest pair while in the spirit of being adventurous! The bathing suit will be featured in an upcoming post. So stay tuned.

Since the bottom of this jumpsuit is detailed with studs, I decided to pair it with nude pumps. Added the clutch for some color.


Now, with the accessories! You’ve seen this necklace before. I got it from *Sunset45‘s April Little Luxury Box.


TheΒ  firefly gem earrings and bracelet are from *Trendy Trinkets. I’m obsessed with the earrings! They are so freaking cute, and I’ve been wearing them so much. Even my mom wanted to borrow it when she saw them on me.

trendy-trinkets-earrings trendy-trinkets-bracelets


Jumpsuit: Sensation of NightΒ  ||Shoes: Chinese Laundry || Clutch: Traffic

Earrings & Bracelet: Trendy Trinkets || Necklace: Sunset45

Have a wonderful start of the week everyone! Also don’t forget my $40.00 Mall of Style Giveaway is still happening. GO ENTER NOW!

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  1. Julcy.. you look like a celebrity here!! i love this jumpsuit on U!!and where do u find these amazing neck pieces!! overall edgy and amazing look babes!!

  2. I love everything on you 0_o the earrings are adorable, I fell for that necklace and I don’t even wear necklaces usually…and your jumpsuit is so hot! I can see Rihanna wearing this πŸ˜€ on a day that she actually decides to wear clothes, of course… but anyway you look fab and it’s a perfect night out outfit! Give me a sign when you are online on twitter, I’ve been meaning to ask you something but I never got the chance.

  3. I’m so bad, I just got done telling a friend I liked them because they would be great for I-Don’t-Wanna-Get-Dressed-Days when we were talking about a kind of slouchy one. However, that one really is an all on one outfit that doesn’t come off as slouchy or lazy. It’s gorgeous.

  4. Wow super sexy outfit! I love jumpsuits and I love, love jumpsuits with cutouts! I’m glad you made the leap to try one out as it looks just amazing on you πŸ™‚ I’ve been wearing several jumpsuits for both fancy shindigs and casual outings lately–I did not regret it at all πŸ˜›

    xx Debbie


  5. Holy crap! You pull off the most daring outfits and I am so envious. My biggest fear about jumpsuits is the bathroom situation. It seems like a lot of work, but I guess I wouldn’t care if I looked half as good as you in it.


    1. Haha! I know what you mean. This one is not so bad..but I definitely see how other material would be too much of a hassle and thank you so much!!

  6. I just did a massive binge-read of your last several posts, and I love every single outfit you’ve had! There are too many things to comment on. Let me just say, I’ve never been a big fan of jumpsuits, but I actually want one now that I saw how good it looks on you! The studs are icing on the cake. I love love love it! Keep up the cute outfits πŸ™‚

  7. yes!!!!!!!!!!! yes I *LOVE This outfit…& U look really, s0000 pretty wearing it from the top to your bottom/Shoes,,, how pretty & the outfit to DIE FOR!!! when i do start my cross dressing this type of outfit i ( W A N T ) to wear!!!! its a little bit of everything a little Sexy & so very, very Classy looking. cream of the crop,, I am in LOVE.. for me…i think? I would maybe have to wear a cami / mesh under to cover me up….but that’s just for me, for U….ITS *PERFECT & perfect looking on U…yummy i love your style of picking this outfit I have always loved the look of jumpsuit’s on woman & now I…can start to enjoy wearing them soon Kelly

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