PopSugar Must Have: December 2013

 I thought I should put this up before this month is over.

This is it, the final box of my 3-month subscription. Do you hear the little violin playing? This is truly a sad moment to me for I am not sure when, or even if, I should renew. D:


Enough with the drama. Even though I was very excited for this box, seeing it’s my last one and also because it’s the gifting season, I completely forgot all about it. Not until I heard the knock on my door from the delivery man that I realized, “Hey, here it is…the finale!”  I was so sure this will be the best box ever because it’s Christmas time and it just has to be!

Well, here’s a lookie of what was inside! (click image to expand)

BeFunky_popcorn.jpgBuy Here.

BeFunky_flute.jpgBuy Here.

BeFunky_nail.jpgBuy Here.

BeFunky_wrap.jpgBuy Here.

BeFunky_BeFunky_lash.jpgBuy Here

BeFunky_choco.jpgBuy Here

BeFunky_bracelet.jpgBuy Here

For additional pictures:

The total value of this box: ~ $180.00.  Not bad for a subscription that cost about $40.00.

I loved the bracelet and the mascara, but I am still a little disappointed with the rest of the contents .

I think I’ll wait a little to renew this subscription again. How annoying would it be if January’s box turn out to be the best box yet. That would just be my luck.


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