Productivity Tips

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I have to confess. I am a huge procrastinator. If it doesn’t immediately have to get completed, I will put it off. Unless, I put my productivity tips into practice. There are so many occasions when I want to do things, even though they don’t necessarily have to be done. This is when I break out these five tips for defeating my procrastinating tendencies and being productive!

how to be productive-104Make a list

Some time before the time I need to be productive I make a list of things I hope to accomplish. Not only is it more manageable but it allows me to see how I am progressing. Having a plan is a great way to visualize my goal.

how to be productive-109Allow more time than needed

I allow myself leeway for things that may catch me off guard.This way, if something were to happen like a friend deciding to move our dinner planned for 8 o’clock dinner up to 5 o’clock, I’m not too thrown off and can still get a good amount accomplished. Now if my friend decides in addition to dinner we should go shopping at the mall for a few hours beforehand (and I cannot refuse going to the mall) obviously that will make things a bit more difficult, but in general, I have found allotting more time than what I think is necessary to be very effective in helping me meet my goals.

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Plan ahead

I try and get things accomplished before they actually need to be completed. Doing things right before the actual deadline creates pressure. Although pressure often ensures the task gets completed (because it has to be completed), things can wind up being rushed. Having a “fake” deadline allows time for adjustments and additional work to fine tune things before the actual deadline and produce better results.

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Play your favorite music! 

Depending on the task, music can be very helpful. For me, listening to some of my favorite music makes tasks like cleaning more enjoyable. And as they say, time flies when you’re having fun. I usually finish before I am even aware of it.

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Have snacks ready to go

For tasks that will take the majority of a day, I will inevitably need food. If you are anything like me, you may spend a good deal of time getting food ready by either cooking or going out and getting food. Having meals and snacks planned and ready allows me to cut down on the time I might spend preparing them and resume whatever task I was working on.

And that’s that! Putting these tips into practice helps me manage and complete tasks easily.

So, are you a procrastinator like me or are you naturally proactive? Let us know!


Procrastinator and wannabe writer. Big fan of sleep.

  1. I honestly love the way you did this post. I have been wanting to write about procrastination for so long but I have been putting it off (oh, the irony) as I have not know how to set it up. You have given me so many brilliant ideas. Thanks for putting out such a helpful post 🙂