Quick Trip to Washington D.C.

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Hey loves!

Back with a travel post so yay! My parents needed to go to Washington D.C.  before their trip to the Philippines. When they told me, I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to come along! Right away, I requested the days off and went to plan for our trip. It was such a short trip, I had to make sure to see as much as we possibly can. It was somewhat of a short notice so I had some trouble finding a place to stay the night near the National Mall. I ended up booking a place in Arlington, Va. Our hotel was quite a walk to the nearest metro so we opted to use Uber as a mean of transportation.

I love the process of going somewhere for the first time. Planning for a trip is sometimes a lot of work, from looking at flights, researching the area, places to see and places to stay, but it’s always worth it. It gets me more excited knowing that in a few days, the places that I see in pictures, I finally get to see in real life.

Here are a few of the spots that we visited while taking a quick trip to Washington D.C.

Lincoln Memorial

Besides the White House, when I think of Washington D.C., this is the image that comes to my head. The giant statue of Abraham Lincoln. This was our first stop right out of the airport since we had a late check in. I’ve seen the images online and on TV but it was still pretty cool to see it in person.

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Washington Monument/ Reflecting pool

This photo was taken right in front of the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. We decided to walk alongside the reflecting pool towards the Washington Memorial, it was farther that I thought. After the reflecting pool is where the National World War 2 Memorial is located. I  thought it was interesting to see that people were throwing coins in the pool, I guess similar to a wishing well?

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The White House

Who doesn’t know what the White House is? I really thought it was going to be a lot bigger, not that it was a small house, but it just looked much bigger to me in pictures compared to real life.

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Jefferson Memorial

Another Memorial for one to the US president. The park where it’s located also has all the cherry blossoms that were towards the end of the blooming season.

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Cherry Blossoms at the Tidal Basin

As mentioned above, I think I was most excited to see that Cherry Blossoms for this trip. I didn’t even know this was a thing D.C. We got there towards the end of the Cherry Blossom festival but at least the trees were still as beautiful to look at! I didn’t realize just how many colors the cherry blossoms came in.

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St. Matthews Cathedral

A few blocks from where my parents had an appointment, I luckily found out about this cathedral. My parents grew up catholic and although we were not overly religious, my mom thought it was still a great idea to offer a prayer and light some candles inside this beautiful cathedral.

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We went straight to the airport after visiting this church. As you can guess, it was a pretty exhausting trip because we tried to do so much in a couple of days and that is including the flights to and from Tampa.

Have you been to Washington D.C.? Where would you recommend to go visit?


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  1. We live in New Zealand, so Washington is a long way away. I’ve always wanted to visit though – not necessarily for the political connotations, but the historical ones. Those blossoms are gorgeous too!

  2. I have never been there, one of my many goals, when my hubby retires, is to first travel the US than out of the country. I have been to Mexico before!

  3. Be it a quick trip, you certainly saw and did alot. This is a place that I am dying to visit as i have not yet been to America, but the first place or one of will be Washington.