Rapidlash Update: Week 2

how to grow longer lashes-review rapidlash

Okay, I thought I’ve give you guys a quick update on my RapidLash use. I know I said I wanted to do a weekly update but after seeing the pictures on week 1, there really wasn’t any difference from Week 0, and I feel like it would just be a waste of space and time to do it. Anyway, the box says the difference will be noticeable in as little as 4 weeks, so I guess I don’t know why I was expecting anything after one week of usage.

So, to remind you of what I was working with from the start, here are my lashes before:


Here they are after 2 weeks:
rapidlash week2

So as you can see, still nothing dramatic, but I think even though my lashes are not longer, I do notice that they are just a tiny bit thicker. I notice it more when I apply mascara on specially towards the outer corner. As far as any side effect, I did experience some redness around the eyes when I woke up the next morning on the first 2 nights that I used it.

There you go, I told you it was going to be quick! Next update will be on Week 4.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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  1. This is so interesting… I can’t wait to see if your lashes look dramatically different after the 4 weeks. I’ve always wanted to try one of those but feared it changing my eye color… xo, Amanda