SEPT ’15 Fashion Trends

September Fashion Trends

Hi guys, if you’re in school and haven’t started already, you’ll probably be starting soon. This month’s fashion trends from the magazines touched some new and old styles, but I do want to steer towards looks you might be able to incorporate into your closets rather than just what’s hot on the runway. Sure, they look cool, but balance is key!


Dolce & Gabbana Bow Blouse
Dolce & Gabbana Bow Blouse

Bow-tie Blouses

I talked about the Victorian trend in June, and it actually made a resurface. This Dolce & Gabbana top is a good combination of the ruffles and high collar as well as this month’s trend of bow-tie blouses. This feature can be kind of quirky because of its name. According to Allure, this type is also known as the pussy bow, short for pussy-cat bow, as well as the floppy or their invention, the CEO bow.


Miu Miu Tweed Skirt
Miu Miu Tweed Skirt


Tweed made quite a few editorials including this Miu Miu piece Kendall Jenner wears in Vogue. The versatile fabric was also featured in Glamour and Marie Claire with all attempts to portray it as not your grandmother’s tweed. Try it as a bright dress. Elle wanted to bring out A-line miniskirts, so why not make it tweed? Pair it with tights for a great fall look.


Max Mara Cable Knit Sweater
Max Mara Knit Sweater

Cable Knits

Closing this opening of the season is a classic: cable knit sweaters. They tend to shown in white, but pink was popular this month, so I chose this pastel pullover. Harper’s Bazaar also featured some blue turtlenecks and even a Miu Miu bag. I like the Alexander Wang example Elle provided, an embellished sweater with boyfriend jeans and boots.


Other looks from this month that could easily be included in this back-to-school theme are menswear and ties. Additionally, you could always use thinner scarves to make those blouse bows! Is the Victorian trend going to continue through the season? Or are the glimmers of glitter seen in Glamour this month going to shine? Let us know what you want to wear!





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