SheIn – Giving the Cold Shoulders


Hey lovelies!

It’s been a while since I did an outfit post, I had to actually wait til my injury is better before I could go and take more pictures. But anywho, I’m back with a new outfit post! So here we go.

Sometimes I see a style trending and I’m excited to try it, but other times I just couldn’t get myself to be excited about it. I think that’s how I felt about bomber jackets. Maybe because I’m petite and large pieces of clothing tend to swallow me and I tend to disappear but when SheIn ask if I wanted to try their clothes out, I took this chance to try out this trend.




When I thought about what type of jacket I wanted, I had been thinking long and hard if I wanted to get the usual bomber jacket that you probably have seen plenty of times or if I should get something a little different. Luckily, I came across this off-the-shoulder bomber jacket when I was browsing for what I wanted to try. I thought it was pretty cool that it combined two of the biggest trends lately.

This jacket was paired with a fitted knit dress. I liked that because the jacket is off the shoulder, you can tell that the dress is racerback. I also loved the colorful embroidery on the front of it.

Like usual, quality is one of the biggest concern when ordering from these types of sites (Shein, MakemeChic, Romwe) but what I find is that it’s a total hit and a miss when it comes to the clothing items. I have ordered several times form these types of sites (both personal and sponsored) and what I found is for the most part the quality is pretty good but you also would get pieces that are just so low quality, you realize that you really get what you pay for.

For this particular jacket though, I can’t really complain about the quality because for me it’s just what I would expect paying $26.00 for an item. You can see this listing here.



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