Spending 3 Days at Walt Disney World

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Hey guys!

If you follow me on Snapchat (forvanityssake) and instagram, you probably know that I went to a family trip to Disney World in Orlando. Believe it or not, I live just about an hour and half from this magical place but never have visited in all the years that I’ve been in Florida and it has been on my to do list for so long.

So finally, in our effort to make the last few weeks of our parents’ stay here in America more memorable, we decided to take them to Disney World as a present.

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How we did it:

Our family trip ended up consisting of 8 people. We have decided to spend 3 days (more like two and half) at the parks, spending a day at the following parks: Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, and Animal Kingdom.

My job has a perks program where employees can receive discounts on certain things like shopping and park passes. I opted for a 3-Day Florida pass, where we can visit one park each day. We ended up getting a pretty good deal. Our passes also included a Fast Pass.

Tip: Check with your employer for job perks like this.

We were going to stay at a Disney resort but booking last minute meant all the resorts that were within our budget were fully booked. We ended up using AirBnB, which was awesome because it provided enough space for our family, and we ended up shopping for our meals at a nearby Walmart and had also used Uber Eats for dinner.

Day 1:

Our first full day was spent at Hollywood Studios. I have to say that I felt like this is the smaller of the 3 three parks that we visited. One thing we should’ve done was take advantage of the fast pass to organize our day. My favorite part of this park was the Indiana Show.

Day 2:

The one thing I was looking forward to the most was seeing the fireworks at the castle at Magic Kingdom. So we decided that since we were staying at this park later in the day, we were going to hang out at the condo in the morning and head to the park in the afternoon. The firework show was incredible! I have to say that I pretty much got a little teary eyed watching how amazing it was. I plan on going back to Magic Kingdom in the future just to see the fireworks again.

Day 3:

We spent half a day at Animal Kingdom since we had to return home to our puppies that Stef kindly took care of while we were gone. We didn’t really get to see much of this park because of the short time we were there and waiting almost an hour for a ride.

Overall, I enjoyed this trip but felt like it could’ve been more organized. The Disney park app was also a huge help in finding events, directions and maps with wait times for the rides and scheduling your fast passes.

Have you been to any Disney Park? Which one was your favorite?

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  1. I am so jealous, I have always wanted to go to Walt Disney world and although you said you wished you had been more organized, it still looks like you had a good time x

  2. So amazing, how cool is it to spend some days at Disney? The pictures are so beautiful, you look so sweet and amazing! So good you went there, hope you can enjoy more trips like that! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  3. I haven’t been yet to Disneyland but I plan to go there for my next birthday. I live in Europe so probably I will go to the Disneyland in Paris as it’s the closest one. I love the magical world of Disney and how the parks have plenty of things for adults as well and not only children.

  4. love Disneyland. We went a few years ago with our two kids when they were much smaller and I will always remember it with fond memories.It looks like you both had a great time there from your photos.

  5. good stuff you had fun there, i have never been there except in my dreams and imaginations while growing up as a little kid. nice images and your boot rocks. day well spent at home or anywhere else can never be same a days spent at walt disney world. bravo to you for this one.

  6. oh wow that sounds fun! it’s funny because that’s how we tend to be when we know that one thing will always be there like an amusement park! In my case it’s like ever since the Venetian Casino in Macau opened, I’ve never ever tried the Gondola ride at all haha.

    Anyway awesome photos and really looks like a magical trip.

    xo, Carla