Tips to Jump Start Your Spring Cleaning

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As temperatures rise and those crunchy leaves get blown away, new grass and flowers will be sprouting soon! What better way to incorporate the changing of the seasons into your life than by doing a little spring cleaning?
I tend to be a little clean throughout the year and have even been known to organize my friends’ schoolwork! So that’s just what happened the other day when I stopped by my mom’s house— I started cleaning.

General Cleaning

First things first, if you like dusting and vacuuming first, then go for it! I understand if you don’t want to touch anything dusty but also if you save all the vacuuming until the end. I tend to do a little along the way if I’m moving furniture.

Change Your Space

If you want more of an overhaul and changing of your space, think about if you’re going to move furniture, where, how. I like placing things at an angle, so I moved the TV and couches and then smaller pieces to compliment them.

Now you probably already have a different space. And if you’re already tired or distracted you can tackle the rest of the room in pieces.

spring cleaning tips

Cleaning Out

The next thing I did was do a little cleaning out. I try to live by the idea that if I’m not using it then I have to get rid of it.You can gift it, donate it or sell it. There are so many apps and sites nowadays to help out from the classic eBay and Amazon to the fashionable ThredUp and Poshmark and the more general Mercari and LetGo. Raise some funds to redecorate!

Drastic Change

If you want a bigger change, you can paint. Once you take out what isn’t being used and have a lighter coat on the walls, your room is sure to look much bigger! I couldn’t break out the brushes, but you can spruce up a space with seasonal accessories or bringing in functional items like books, candles, pictures, or blankets from around the house.

spring cleaning tipsRedecorating sounds fun, you probably still have a bunch of stuff, right? I was organizing my mom’s bills and other records. Hide and disguise stuff with storage ottomans and decorative storage boxes.

spring cleaning tipsCleaning up and clearing out can be a great relief! Having a more open space feels like a weight has been lifted off of my chest. I wish it didn’t already feel like summer here in Florida, so I could channel my inner Snow White— throw open the windows and sing along with the animals! Maybe I can just bring in some flowers. 🙂

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