StarChild Ft. Quiz Dress + Sunset45


StarChild, the name I would’ve given myself if I ever decide to run away and be a hippie. Hippie or not though, I’m still here to show you a fun new maxi dress from *Quiz. This Quiz dress just makes me feel so pretty and feminine. It has an amazing gold chain neck, pleated skirt, two slits on the sides and also came with the belt.  I kept my accessories minimal and went with my new Star inspired accessories that I got from this month’s Sunset 45 box. I kept the easy and relax vibe by having my hair in soft flowy waves.




“Starfire” earrings (c/o of Sunset45 July box)



“Constellation” cuff (c/o Sunset45 July box)


Dress: Quiz Earrings: Sunset45 Cuff: Sunset45

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  1. LOVE EVERYTHING! I’m getting ready for a trip to Souther California and I hadn’t an idea what to bring or wear, so I am so glad you posted this today. 🙂

  2. This dress is gorgeous and you look amazing ^_^

  3. jackie harrison

    You look fabulous in that stunning dress.

  4. You look beautiful (as always) What camera do you use? Your photos are always so high quality!

    • Thanks :). I use my brother’s camera, it’s Cannon Rebel t3i. I really try to make the photographs as great as I can seeing as I have to experience with very little knowledge of photography 😛

  5. Lovely dress. .lovely hair n lovely you 🙂 gorgeous as always 🙂

  6. YOU are gorgeous !!! Love the blog and your style keep up the good work. Definitely following <3

  7. love the dress and minimal makeup! beautiful as always 😀

    • 🙂 Yup, I’ve been easing it up of the makeup while it crazy hot outside. I just can’t walk around with too much worrying about my face melting off. Thanks Alice.

  8. So pretty! I love that the dress has a pleated skirt.

  9. Beautiful dress
    Love the colors
    Amazing pictures

  10. The whole look with the hair and makeup is great. I love the dress, i’ll have to check out this company.

  11. Lovely dress and you look great!

  12. You look so very pretty! I loved the cuff nd the dress….Stunning Look! 🙂

  13. I absolutely love this Quiz dress. You look magical in it!

    Lu |

  14. Gorgeous dress! 🙂
    Thanks for visiting my blog!


  15. Comme tu es belle dans cette robe !!

  16. Nice Dress..looks fab on you..:)

  17. Hi dear! This maxi floral dress is very beautiful and you are really a beautiful girl! Kisses,

  18. I am loving this maxi on you! <3

  19. Hello dear step to give you a good week. Keep in touch.


    bloglovin follower

  20. Hi…W0W! U do look S000 *PRETTY wearing the maxi I,m NEW to all things Girly well, because I am jus starting out cross dressing I should say: long story short,, I didn’t start yet per-say but…I will be starting very, very soon I CANT WAIT!!!!! Until i start to dress up, in the mean time I am trying to learn all things that I would need to improve the looks of Kelly that’s my Fem name so that she can be able to (PASS) as to looking like a (REAL) woman at least i hope so…So between your BLOG & Another young lady named V,,, i will soon be learning ALL-THINGS-GIRLY I do really hope that U don’t mind that a Cross dresser follows U? So far V, doesn’t mind me following her she,s really such a sweet person. May I ask? now I,m jus guessing?? in the picture your not wearing shoes,,with the maxi…would i be wrong in guessing? that a open toe perhaps a wedge shoe would be good choice with the maxi? This too…I really really (need) to learn in what matches with what lol remember now this is (all) NEW to me…lol thank U Kelly

    • Hi Kelly 🙂
      Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog! I don’t mind one bit that you’re following me. I admire your desire to explore yourself and finding ways to be happy and satisfied. For your question, I didn’t wear any shoes or sandals during the shoot because I was just keeping the care-free vibe for the sake of photography. But you are absolutely right with wearing open toe or wedge sandals with a maxi dress like this, it would look extremely cute as long as it goes with the dress that has loud patterns such as the one I’m wearing. You also have to keep in mind what look you are trying to go for. I could’ve easily made this a more formal attire just by changing the shoes, my hairstyle, and accessories.

      I wish you the best! I’ll be keeping up with your blog!

  21. you a
    re so beautiful!!baci