Floral Dress + Born Pretty Review

oasap-summer-floral-ootd Hello! Yay, I’m on a roll with outfit posts! Today I’m featuring what might be my favorite floral dress. It is too cute! I got it from *Oasap and I can just see myself wearing this over and over this season. I love the print and the material is pretty thin. I like materials like that since it is too hot to even be wearing anything.


So I would like to go ahead and tell you guys about *Born Pretty’s Jewelry & Accessories!  Okay, get ready to surprised because the prices on these items are ridiculously affordable. I was worried that the quality would suffer because of the price, but I was pleasantly surprised when I received my order. The quality is great and they are all pretty sturdy. oasap-floral-dress-summer oasap-review


I switched the necklace so I can show you what this other necklace looks like :).



I am wearing their earrings, cross necklace and triangle necklace. The earrings are only $3.99, cross necklace is $2.59 and triangle necklace is $4.80.

And because I love you all, you can use my code  JUET10 for an additional 10% off your purchase. They also ship worldwide for free. So go ahead, check them out and browse your pretty little hearts out! Also don’t forget my $40.00 Mall of

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  1. Loving your hair pretty lady! My favourites from Born Pretty are the earrings. I will place an order soon because OMG free shipping!!!

  2. Wow just another gorgeous summer outfit from you! I love the beautiful floral print design on this super cute dress, a friend of mine just bought a similar dress with a A-Line skirt and cutouts that I was seriously tempted to buy as well… Maybe after seeing yours, I might have to do it!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    xx Debbie


  3. Whyyyyy are you so beautiful? It’s seriously unreal. Not to sound like a creeper. -_- Anyway, you wear these kind of bright, bold colors so well that I get inspired too! Except that I own like 3 things that are a bright, bold color, haha… Loving the jewelry! I wonder if I could find a few euros/dollars for some pieces in the midst of our moving expenses…

    1. You’re too kind! Lol! How have you been?! You need to get more bright stuff! They’re so much fun to wear. Also, priorities girl! Get your moving done then reward yourself with some shopping :p

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