Summer Essentials: Maxis

Hey guys!

So summer is just around the corner and it’s pretty apparent where I’m at. I love this time of year specially seeing how our wardrobe transitions. Summer fashion is always so fun! The clothes get smaller as the temperature rises but hey, it doesn’t have to be that way. Maxi dresses are a fun way to not bear it all but still remain cool (both cold and awesome) and also fashionable. I was trying to have fun with this post so I made these collages! These are all dresses that I would love to own and rock! Yes, every single one of them. The dresses featured are from Sheinside’s maxi collection. They are divided in 3 categories:

First up, the “I hate to see you go but I love to watch you leave…”  collage. Who says backs can’t be sexy? I just love open back dresses. It’s like a nice sexy surprise when you turn around. The dainty crisscross strings and pretty pastel colors are so appropriate for the warm weather.


I hate to see you gobut I love to watch

Look #1 || Look #2 || Look #3 || Look #4

Up next, the “Print Me Like One of Your French Girls…” collage. God, I know I’m terrible with puns but I couldn’t help it. Anyone catch that this phrase was from Titanic?! And obviously, it’s about PRINTS! Flirty and fun, that’s really what these dresses say! Honestly though, who doesn’t love a good printed maxi dress?


PRINT me  like one of your French girls(2)

Look #1 || Look #2 || Look #3 || Look #4

Last but certainly not least, and ALSO happens to be my favorite out of the three is the “Legs are my best features…” collage. Well, if you’ve got them, flaunt them. How amazing do side slits on a dress make your legs look? Sexy without being trashy…

LEGS are my best

Look #1 || Look #2 || Look #3 || Look #4

Well, that was great. I had fun doing this post regardless of my bad puns. Are you not in love with maxi dresses yet? Let me know which style gets your vote!

I hope you guys have an awesome week!

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  1. Absolutely love all of these collages! Not only are the dresses fantastic, I’m loving your cute puns as well– my fav has got to be the Titanic one, I always laugh at that one when I hear it! In terms of the dresses, I love the ones with the fabulous prints the best; I’m such a huge fan of bright prints and colours for summer (and for every other season if I can get away with it :P). Next up I adore the ones with the cool back details and the leggy slit– very sexy!

    xx Debbie

  2. Omg you know I live in maxis!!!! I adore these, I want to try those that show a little leg, never owned one 😀

  3. These are so pretty! The first and last set are too pretty. Could work for attending a summer wedding

  4. I just fell in love with that last black dress. I made my goal to find a similar one ASAP ! I love the elegance that maxis project and the little cheeky leg situation.
    xx, Iman

  5. Maxi dresses are the perfect transitional pieces. I love them because they cover my pale legs until they get a tan while still looking perfectly summery. Cute Post.